Gut Health is Good Health

The gut often plays the role of ‘First Line of Defense’ when encountering unwanted elements.

Offering Support for your Gut is Always a Great Idea.

Here are a few tools we love:

Health-Bac Vegan Probioticna hs health bac.png

Friendly bacteria (probiotic organisms) are required for ideal health. The body needs them for normal digestion as well as optimal  immunity.* These friendly bacteria are powerful in their functions but are readily damaged or even destroyed by toxins. Plus, antibiotics thoroughly devastate them. Also, they are depleted by stress, processed foods, and pharmaceutical drugs. Thus, for optimal health they must regularly be replenished. There are numerous issues today with probiotics. Many probiotics contain bacterial strains or species that are not proven to readily implant in the human digestive tract. This reduces their effectiveness. Also, a number are potentially contaminated due to their low-quality source. Swine-sourced probiotics are also common. These may contain residual contaminants from processing, including noxious, potentially infectious, swine-based pathogens. Plus, they are unfit for vegetarians.
Health-Bac is the only truly vegan probiotic supplement available. It contains the highest quality and most natural friendly bacteria known. Clinically demonstrated to survive the intestinal tract and successfully implant in the human gut, this is a true power for intestinal health.* Health-Bac is a broad-spectrum probiotic, containing nine friendly bacteria strains. All strains present in this formula are 100% Plant-based. Health-Bac contains the Ecologic 500 formula. This is the most researched and tested probiotic formulation known.

Ecologic 500 includes the following healthy bacteria strains: Bifidobacterium infantis, Bifidobacterium lactis, Bifidobacterium longum, Enterococcus faecium, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus paracasei, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus salivarius, and
Lactobacillus lactis. Also, the strength of this broad-spectrum friendly bacteria supplement is boosted by prebiotics               fructooligosaccharide (FOS) and inulin.*

Enzyme Supplementation

Another strategy for gut health is through enzyme supplementation.

We have found Gastronex Premium Enzyme Formulation to be of great value.nahs gastronex.png

This supplement is crucial for ideal digestion. The spice extracts in Gastronex stimulate the flow of digestive juices. This flow is essential for the mixing and dissolving ofvfoods. Then the potent enzymes in the formula digest the food. The combination of ginger, coriander, and cardamom is ideal. These spices have been used for thousands of years to boost digestion. In particular, coriander contains caffeic and chlorogenic acids, which stimulate the flow of bile. Ginger stimulates the flow of stomach acid and thus aids in the digestion of protein. It also helps balance pancreatic secretions. Fenugreek is highly nourishing and calming to the gut. Thus, it too balances the digestive process, plus it boosts the production of pancreatic secretions. Furthermore, it is rich in substances known as steroidal saponins, which strengthen the adrenal glands. Cardamom contains therapeutic volatile oil, which helps create a state of balancethrougho ut the entire intestinal canal. Wild oregano blend (P73) is added for increased spice power. The legendary P73 blend of wild oregano is a potent source of minerals, phenols, esters and terpenes, plus it cleanses the gut of noxious germs.
Enzymes are added to assist the natural process of breaking down foods. This natural and powerful blend contains protease, amylase, lipase, cellulase, lactase, bromelain, and papain. These are all the highest quality, non-GMO, plant-source enzymes available.


Finally, we have found it is beneficial to add a pre-biotic product to this regiment.

The ideal product in our findings is Yacon Syrup and Powder.peruvian harvest yacon syrup.pngperuvian harvest powder.png

Peruvian Harvest Yacon is RAW and of the finest quality.

Rich in FOS (Fructo-Oligosaccharides) and possessing a glycemic Index of just 2, Yacon goes beyond just a Healthy Sweetener, becoming an Excellent Energy Source, or Prebiotic, for the Probiotics described above.

Being a Pre-Biotic also means it Does Not Feed Fungus, therefore will benefit and not compromise the goal of excellent gut health.

…The delicious flavor doesn’t hurt either!

Yacon Syrup has a taste that reminds us of gentle honey, Excellent for Coffee, Tea, Sauces, Smoothies and more.peruvian harvest chocolate sacha inchi.pngperuvian harvest chocolate golden berry.png

Yacon Powder sweetens up when blended with other foods, such as cacao, maca, lucuma etc, and is Especially Excellent for Baking.

Yacon Chocolate offers all the Benefits described, in a Delicious Chocolate Presentation.

With the Holidays coming up, these tools may come in handy for achieving and supporting Ultimate Gut Health.

We have a Gut Feeling you will Feel Great with Optimized Gut Health!

Irish Moss: a Plant-Based Secret Weapon

Chances are, you have encountered Irish Moss before. You may even consume it daily! But what is Irish Moss? Sea moss, also known as Irish moss, red algae, Chondrus crispus is a type of seaweed that grows in the oceans all over the world.  It is used as a thickening and binding agent in food products such as Pudding, Cream Pie, Meringue, and smoothies, as well as skin creams, gels, shampoos, and as a skin softener. Irish Moss is also revered for its numerous health benefits and it’s excellent source of nutrients.

Health Benefits

Irish Moss provides benefit to a wide range of your body’s needs, from thyroid support to digestive health.

Thyroid Support

irish moss 2

DI-Iodothyronine (DIT), what T3 breaks down into, is found in abundance in brown sea moss and for this reason, it has been used as a treatment for thyroid disorders. Thyroxin (T4) and Tri-iodothyronine (T3) have been found as the main organically bound iodine compounds in several seaweeds.

Irish Moss has a high concentration of iodine and selenium: both crucial factors in thyroid hormone production.

Immune Support

Irish Moss is a source of potassium chloride, a nutrient which helps to dissolve catarrhs (inflammation and phlegm in the mucous membranes), which cause congestion. It contains compounds which act as a natural antimicrobial and antiviral agents, helping to boost immunity and get rid of infections.

Irish Moss also has an abundance of antioxidants, Vitamin C, and amino acids, which boosts your immune health and prevents cellular damage.

Mental Health

Irish Moss packs a ton of potassium, which is a vital nutrient for mental and emotional health. High-potassium foods are proven to be helpful for fibromyalgia, moodiness, agitation, depression and anxiety disorders, and can improve behaviour and mental functioning.

Vitamin B vitamins are also found in Irish Moss, which are known for reducing stress and aiding the nervous system.

Digestive and Skin Health

Irish Moss  has a mucilaginous consistency, meaning it can help act as a soothing and healing agent to all mucous membranes (great for external skin health and for boosting collagen and internal digestive tract health).

How to Use Irish Moss

Irish Moss can be used in many different recipes, especially as a Vegan stand-in for recipes requiring eggs or gelatin. It has a strong sea-flavour, so use it in small amounts while you get the hang of using it! Here are some standard uses:

  • Ice Cream
  • Pudding
  • Cream pie
  • Meringue
  • Whipped cream
  • Salad dressing
  • Smoothies
  • Sauces
  • Blended soups
  • Nut cheeses

Where to Purchase Irish Moss

You can purchase our wild harvested Irish Moss directly from Upaya Naturals in 8oz or 5lb!