Upaya Naturals started in 2004 with the vision to make living a healthy lifestyle easier.  At that time, finding foods that were  vegan, raw, or gluten free often involved long distance orders or detailed label reading in stores. Our company brings you items that are healthy but also taste really good which shines a much needed fun positive light on the terms ‘health foods’, ‘vegan’, ‘raw foods’.  The broad range of healthy lifestyle products we offer also reflects how we live.  To see our products is to see us in many ways.
Please visit our online store here: http://www.upayanaturals.com/

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Is agave syrup really a good choice of sweetener? Though it is extremely popular right now, I’ve come across some info that suggests that it is less desirable that many of us think. Perhaps you could post about this in your blog?

  2. Daniela

    I use agave all the time — have done so now for about 5 or more years. My reason for doing so is because it is very low on the glycemic index and thus does not have any adverse effect on my blood sugars (helps me to manage my diabetes through diet versus having to take meds).

    I also cook with it and I use it in baking — instead of using brown sugars (or white) — usually 1/3 cup of agave nectar can easily make up for 1 cup of brown sugar —

    It also has a taste similar to that of maple syrup and can be used for your pancakes or just on plain cereal (oats, granola, etc.)

    My mother was skeptical and she is diabetic but I forced her to use it one night and she was so surprised that it did not cause a rise in her fasting blood sugars the next morning.

    I would encourage you to at least give a try (or try Yacon syrup) because it has the same properties.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

    Barb W

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