Tribest has done it again by revolutionizing blending with it’s new Dynapro Commercial Vacuum Blender.  The Dynapro just raised the bar for Blendtec and Vitamix (there competitors) since they do not offer vacuum blending at the time this was written.

The Dynapro features a powerful 2.5 HP motor, integrated 4-spoke blending blade, a large 64 oz. container, and a vacuum blend option. The Dynapro Vacuum Lid is designed to work with the included handheld Vacuum Pump, to reduce oxidation by removing air before blending.  With less oxidation, you can enjoy more nutrients and enhanced flavors in your smoothies. The Dynapro’s blending container includes a unique thermochromatic ink raw temperature indicator that helps you maintain a raw temperature in your blend.  The blue mark changes to white at 118°F and above.


The Dynapro offers unparalleled convenience with 3 modes of operation: manual, countdown timer, and 3 one-touch preset buttons, as well as a variable speed dial for total control over your blend.


Upaya Naturals first saw this blender in action in the manufacturer’s hometown of Anaheim in April 2017 at the National Products Expo. We were amazed at the performance, versatility, power and options that came standard in this all in one blender – without having to buy additional jars and accessories like it’s competitors. For example you can make nut butters, grind seeds and coffee, blend smoothies, and make nut butters all with the same 64 oz jar.



Obviously, the coolest feature is that you have the option to take all the air out of the blender jar with a handy battery operated vacuum that is included. By pumping the air out you create a vacuum seal inside the jar which prevents oxygen from entering while blending.  This creates less air bubbles, less oxidation and provides 3x more nutrients compared to it’s non-vacuum competitors.   The blended fruit and green smoothies we made using the vacuum method came out vibrant in colour and stayed fresh way longer than standard high powered blenders.  You could taste the difference since there were less air bubbles and froth.   The juices stayed intact longer and did not separate or lose colour while sitting even after 3 days in a sealed container.

Dynapro Smoothie Oxidation Comparison

The vacuum seal and it’s pulse and blend combo feature also make it simple to make nut butters without having them stick to the jar’s side wall.  The vacuum seal also prevents the oils from oxidizing while blending.   It’s competitor like Blendtec require a separate jar for this and Vitamix requires you to stop the blender and scoop the food off the sidewalls since they don’t have a special jar for nut butters.

The other cool feature is that it has a temperature indicator on the jar that turns to white if the blended food reaches 118 deg F. or above.  This is great for the raw food community or anyone that wants to preserve enzymes and nutrients by making sure the food does not get too hot while blending.

We were also impressed with the 15 year manufacturer’s warranty for home use and 3 year manufacturer’s warranty for commercial use.

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