Blue Mountain Better Than Roasted

“Better Than Roasted should really be called Best Ever, Never Roasted. What an outstanding product line. Keep up the great work!”  — David Wolfe, raw foodist

BTR-0020-1We start with premium, whole, certified organic nuts or seeds, which are kept in airtight cold storage to maximize freshness greatly reduce rancidity.  We do not use seconds or pieces, since broken skins and nut fragments invite rancidity.  We give preference to sources that implement fair trade practices.Our Better-Than-Roasted™ (BTR™) nuts, seeds, and grains are all handmade in small batches.



BTR-0030-hazThe process involves first soaking, rinsing and then drying the nuts or seeds.  Our nuts and seeds are dried at low, steady temperatures.  Keeping the dehydrating temperatures lower than 108 degrees Fahrenheit maintains the raw qualities of the nuts and seeds, preserving the temperature-sensitive enzymes and maximizing the nutritional value of the nuts and seeds.



BTR-0004-1Additionally, we cull the nuts, seeds and grains as we soak them, spread them for drying, and again as we package them. This three-fold quality control process results in an extremely high quality, fresh, sweet and crisp nut or seed that is both healthier and better tasting than raw and conventionally roasted nuts or seeds.



Blue Mountain Organics’ Better Than Roasted Brand includes Nut Butters, Seed Butters and whole nuts and seeds.   A large selection of these products can be found online at Upaya Naturals.  Free shipping in Canada with order over $100*.


Checkout out some of the reviews below or  click here to view the Better Than Roasted  product line.


“At last! I have finally  found products that taste great and are actually good for you. In all the years I have been shopping in health food stores, as well as specialty shops, I have never came across anything like these products.” ~ R.B  Stenson.

BTR-0028-1“Whenever I walk into my health store Blue Mountain’s Chocolate Raw Ice Cream pulls me towards it like a tractor beam. I feel captured by its amazing chocolaty taste, so real you won’t believe it’s dairy free!” Philip M

BTR-0025-1“I definitely love the products, and it’s amazing how much of a difference the sprouting process makes in the digestion of the nut and seed butters. I couldn’t believe the difference in just that one crucial step — also the taste is so fresh and vibrant, bursting with sweet undertones and with a very satisfying texture! I infinitely prefer even the TASTE to the roasted nuts — truly BTR!!  I love your products, you can feel the energy radiating from them! The passion is stamped over each package, you can say.”  ~ Kota R


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