Have you noticed that in almost every hospital, supermarket, doctor’s office, dentist’s office, airport, and many other public places there is always a bottle of hand sanitizer sitting on a stand or at a desk?   We even have personal sized sanitizers that you can throw in a bag in case of emergencies.    Funny thing is that we don’t even remember ever seeing hand sanitizers growing up  – we used to just wash our hands.   So is this this just a cash grab for the manufacturers?   Do they really work and are they safe.


purellFirst off, washing your hands with soap and water is the most effective way to clean your hands and disinfect them.   Can you imagine getting prepped for surgery and just as you are going under you see the surgeon squirting some sanitizer on their hands.  Of course they wouldn’t do this, because it’s not as effective as washing their hands.   It’s your choice what type of soap you want to use, but it is still better to wash your hands instead of coating them with hand sanitizer.   Also, hand sanitizers are not as effective if you have dirt or grime on your hands anyway.


So whats in these hand sanitizers that may concern people.  Well there is alcohol, parabens, fragrances, colouring agents – just to name a few.


Parabens are synthetic preservatives found in foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and personal care products such as deodorants, moisturizers, shampoos and hand sanitizers.  Their function is to allow the product to be shelf stable for months or even years.  That’s all great, but these parabens are also absorbed into our bodies and mimic estrogen which can disrupt our hormone system and endocrine system.   Endocrine disrupters such as parabens can lead to early puberty in adolescent girls and boys, as reported by the New York Times.   So is this what we should be putting on our skin?  I think not.


Triclosan is an anti-microbe agent added to many soaps, hair care products, sanitizers and hand lotions for anti-bacterial purposes.  It can also be found in toys, clothes and furniture to help prevent fungal growth.  It is effective to a certain degree but it can also lead to bacteria building immunity to it and creating a superbug that is immune to anti-biotics.   Triclosan is also a hormone and immune system disrupter.


Lets put it this way,  you will never know what’s in a chemical fragrance because manufactures don’t have to disclose this info – since it’s proprietary property.   You can only imagine what you are putting on your skin when it comes to chemical and natural fragrances.

Colouring Agents

Although some colouring agents are deemed safe by Health Canada their are independent tests that show otherwise according to Dr Oz.   “The researchers and their parents found a significant increase in hyperactivity in the children during the weeks that they consumed the drink with the artificial colors.  This research correlates with an analysis of different studies done at Columbia University and Harvard University. The analysis affirmed that removing foods and products that contain artificial food coloring can help relieve the symptoms of children already diagnosed with ADHD.”

So what can you do if there is no soap and water to wash your hands and you need to sanitize them right away?

ISS Ionic Silver Solution 6PPM

ISS-1527-2Ionic Silver Solution (I.S.S.) is a pure solution of Sub-Atomic Silver Ions making it the most powerful and bio-available form of Silver on the market today! Ionic Silver Solution contains 99.9% silver ions in a soluble state and are 400 times smaller than your red blood cells allowing them to easily pass through cell membranes where viruses reside!

Most antibiotics kill only six or seven different disease-causing organisms, but silver is known to kill as many as 650 of these organisms. This includes bacteria, fungi, yeasts, viruses and parasites. These micro-organisms are suffocated rather than poisoned which prevents resistant strains from mutating. This process is accomplished within minutes.

Ionic Silver Solution contains a solution of silver ions thousands of times smaller than non-ionic Colloidal Silver in turn delivering a superior inter-cellular transport process


Or you can try the product below as an anti-baterial hand soap.


Silver Hand Soap™ (with ionic silver) – 7oz Bottle

VIP-6001-2A farm hand on the Tooth Soap® Urban Farm told us a few years ago that he has never used a soap that was as effective as Silver Hand Soap™. It cleans up your hands like nothing else!

7 ounces of super rich and thick Silver Hand Soap™ is loving hand-crafted and ready to clean up. Packaged in a plastic, BPA-free, pump bottle.

Ingredients: Saponified organic extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, distilled water, Original Himalayan Crystal Salt® and ionic silver, 5 PPM.



We always carry a small container of both of these products when we are traveling to avoid the use of chemical soaps and hand sanitizers.


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