Woman and blue moon.People have been fascinated with the mysteries of the moon and its effects on the earth’s behavior for thousands of years. The cycles of the moon have served as guidance and structure to the earth for centuries, too- which is why farmers have been using the cycles as a reference for planting and harvesting crops. Similarly, the lunar cycle can yield desired results with your hair on when to cut it for maximum health.

The Lunar Hair Chart provides the best dates to cut your hair based on the full moon in the month.  A full moon represents the height of the lunar cycle and possesses the most power and illumination. This chart is your hair’s guide to achieving hair cuts that will promote growth, strength, thickness, root work and beauty.

The month of July is the answer to your hair prayers, as it contains two full moons, meaning the second full moon of the month is a blue moon. This happens, well– every “once in a blue moon.” Blue moons only take place every few years, making this the best opportunity for beautifying hair with a blue moon hair cut .

July’s Lunar Hair Goals

Growth was the lunar hair goal for the first full moon in July. With the blue moon coming up, beautifying is the next goal for cutting your locks July 30-31. Take advantage of this rare opportunity, and cut your hair for maximum health and appearance. As a result, your hair will have a more balanced texture, boosted shine and a beautified presence.

The beautify goal takes time for perfection, just as any masterpiece does. For those who have already achieved healthy hair and are looking to take it to the next level, this is the ideal lunar hair goal for you.  These summer months are the perfect opportunity to show off your best self and your best hair. To garner the full benefits of your beautiful hair, remember to embrace your inner beauty as well!

Tips for Attaining and Maintaining Beautiful Hair


Washing your hair everyday can dry it out and weigh it down from too much product. If your hair gets oily easily and requires a wash every day, use a more lightweight shampooMorrocco Method’s Heavenly Essence Shampoo is perfect for enhancing your hair’s beauty during this lunar cycle.


Using the right conditioner for your hair ensures the right amount of moisture and softness, while making it easier to brush and detangle after a wash. Make sure you only apply to ends and mid-lengths of your hair. The Pearl Creme Rinse conditions without weighing down your hair for full shine and body.


Wet hair is easier to damage than dry hair, since it’s more elastic and fragile. Since wet hair is more likely to break, it’s best to stay away from harsh brushes. You can minimize breakage by brushing gently with a soft bristle brush.


Try to use hot tools on your hair as sparingly as possible. Using heat on your hair causes split heat-damage2ends and breakage. Letting your hair air dry is the best possible way to avoid damage; however, if you must blow dry your hair, do so on a lower heat setting, and not too close to your hair. Also, make sure you apply a heat protection hair product.

A better alternative to using the blow dryer on wet hair is using a second towel for drying. This will eliminate 50% more moisture the second time around.


Tying your hair up tightly can cause breakage, whether it’s wet or dry. Never use elastic bands when tying your hair up. Elastic bands on your hair will cause a glue effect, and result in breakage and tearing of the hair. Instead, MM suggests using seamless hair ties, strips during the day, and cloth for bedtime. When putting your hair up, try constructing loose buns and ponytails. Also, alternate the way you tie your hair so the same strands of hair are not stressed.

Let Morrocco Method’s Lunar Hair Chart be your best guide for reaching your hair goals! Get the most beautifying benefits from your hair cut during July’s next full moon! 

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