We have many people ask us about how to transition into a healthier diet or raw vegan lifestyle from a traditional over processed, hormone filled, GMO laced, pesticide and herbicide filled traditional North American diet.   People want to know as much info as possible in as little time as possible on how to make the change and want to do everything  overnight.



Although it is possible to change your lifestyle and eating habits overnight and stay on track, it is much easier to transition into a healthier lifestyle by taking smaller steps at the beginning so that you can adapt easier to the changes and not get overwhelmed and give up from the get go.   There is a lot to learn and there is also tons of information on the internet, in books and through many courses that are offered by institutions such as The Tree Of Life (http://treeoflifecenterus.com/) or Hippocrates Health Health Institute (http://hippocratesinst.org/) just to name a couple.

stuffed tomatto

The idea here is to slowly wean people off nutrient deficient, vitamin deficient, mineral deficient highly processed overcooked foods and back to fresh home-made foods – using the most nutrient dense chemical free ingredients possible.    We at Upaya Naturals like doing this by breaking things down into smaller steps by first making sure people have the right tools in their kitchen to make the transition easier.   These tools will help create awesome recipes – from desserts, smoothies, crackers, pastas,  juices, chips and pizzas to full gourmet meals.



After we finish this 3 part blog,  hopefully people will realize that some conveniences such as a microwave oven may not actually be doing anything good to the food that is being used to feed the body.   Others may realize that it’s not a good idea to cook their food to death using an oven or stove top.    In fact, if you come into our kitchen you won’t find a microwave or stove.   You will find lots of fresh fruits, veggies, sprouts and some cool tools that we use to make our raw vegan recipes that we have been using for the past 15+ years since we transitioned over to a vegan then raw vegan lifestyle.

eating death

Looking back over the last 15+ years we have learned a lot from various gurus such as Dr Gabriel Cousens.  Dr Cousens is a true raw food guru in our eyes and is an inspiration to us on a daily basis as we continue our journey into a healthy lifestyle and into our spiritual evolution.    We have gone from eating death and ingesting the fear of animals (just before they are slaughtered) to eating more compassionately by removing death from our system and eating a plant based diet.    Hence, this is where the word UPAYA in Upaya Naturals comes from.  Upaya means “compassion” and/or  a “means to enlightenment”.  Compassion for animals, humans and all living beings and eating a plant based diet as a means to enlightenment.   We suggest reading “Spiritual Nutrition” by Dr Cousens to further expand on the topic of spirituality and the link to food.

spitual nutrition

So now that we have touched on a few ideas,  what kitchen tools can we use to transition into a healthier lifestyle.   What can these tools replace in the kitchen?  What would you need to get your greens on.    Stay tuned for next week’s blog for more info.

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