There’s been a recent craze, especially at a popular coffee shop chain, with Nutella stuffed donuts and Nutella spread on bagels as a healthy alternative to some of the other items served there.   Nutella boasts the health benefits of hazelnuts – since they are rich source of magnesium, calcium, vitamin E, and vitamin B’s such as folate.   What they are neglecting to tell their customers is about the rest of the ingredients in this popular spread and how they are not really healthy at all.nutella

Did you know that Nutella is Gluten Free, Certified Kosher and has No Artificial Colours or Preservatives.  But does this mean it’s healthy?   So what’s in Nutella anyway?   What do you think the first ingredient is?   You would think it would be hazelnuts, right?  Wrong.  The first ingredient, which is also the one that it contains most of,  is processed white sugar.   That’s a great health food.   Yummy white sugar to put your blood sugar level through the roof.   The next ingredient you would think is hazelnuts, but it’s modified palm oil.   So it’s not palm oil, but MODIFIED palm oil.  What the heck does that mean?  Well, we will never know since it is used as a general term in food manufacturing.  It could mean it is hydrogenated which makes it worse with trans-fats.  The full ingredients are listed below

Nutella Ingredients: Sugar, Modified Palm Oil, Hazelnuts, Cocoa, Skim Milk Powder, Whey Powder, Soy and/or Sunflower Lecithin, Vanillin.

Hold on a sec, what is vanillin?   Is it vanilla?  Nope, it’s artificial vanilla.   They can’t even put real vanilla in their product.  According to, Heather McClees at One Green Planet, Vanillin is what you’ll find in cheap extracts at the store that are also called “imitation vanilla”. Imitation vanilla may also be called “vanilla flavor”, and is often combined with sugar, corn syrup, or a similar low-quality sweetener to make the product taste better. It’s chemically produced to mimic the taste of vanilla but is not however, true vanilla.

So what is healthy about Nutella anyway.  The cacao is processed, you have soy or sunflower lecithin, which is most likely from GMO crops, and you have dairy products.  Hold on, it must be the hazelnuts.  Yes the third ingredient is what makes it so healthy.   These non-organic most likely heated and pasteurized hazelnuts.

Well thank goodness there are other companies out there that are making a small dent in Nutella’s fame – such as Rawtella.  Rawtella is a stone ground spread with only 3 simple ingredients.  It’s made in small batches using all organic non-GMO  ingredients with no funny stuff added.  It also comes in a variety of flavours.  It has 1/3 the sugar of Nutella and uses coconut sugar, which is way healthier than white table sugar and won’t spike your blood sugar level into the high heavens.   You will also notice that the first ingredient is…..  hazelnuts, not processed sugar.  Rawtella is a very smooth spread, with just enough sweetness and has a nice hazelnut flavour to tantalize your taste buds.


Rawtella has only the following organic ingredients: Raw Hazelnuts, Raw Cacao Nibs, Coconut Crystals (which is Coconut Sugar).

After writing this blog we had to stop and wonder…….    hmmmm…. so which product is the knock-off here.  It’s almost as if Nutella is the sad knock off when comparing it to the pure ingredients of Rawtella.  Go for the healthy stuff and let us know what you think.


Rawtella is available in 5 Flavours (Original, Mint, Coffee, Crunch, and Silk) and can be purchased at  Upaya Naturals.



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