Don’t we all wish we had the same beautiful hair we had when we were younger and also nice strong nails that add to our overall self-confidence and attractiveness? Hair and nails like the rest of our body are made up of cells that are in need of nutrients to stay healthy. They need to be fed and maintained. With the harsh chemicals and toxins we come across in our daily hectic lives we neglect our hair and nails and many of the important components needed to keep them healthy.  Here are few secret products of ours that will revitalize and maintain the healthy hair and nails we all

Argan Oil – 100% Pure, Cold Pressed

Argan oil has gained a lot of popularity because of hair care products that promote it. Pure argan oil is amazing on the scalp. It soothes dry, itchy scalp and it helps with flaking.  Real argan oil can rebuild damaged hair, leaving it feeling very soft but pure argan oil is to be used as a treatment rather than a daily hair product. Our suggestion is to massage it into the scalp and hair in the evening before bed. In the morning, wash it out with your regular shampoo. You will notice your hair feels softer and shinier. And don’t worry…it won’t stain your pillow case.

If you have dry, cracked, weak nails, argan oil may be what you’re looking for. Because of the incredibly high content of Vitamin E, argan oil will help to rebuild nail beds and cuticles resulting in healthier nails. Dipping your fingers in a small bowl of argan oil will produce almost instant results. In Morocco, women often mix a few drops of lemon juice with a small dish of argan oil to soak the cuticles.

Argan oil is wonderful on the skin. Helping with everything from cracked heels to chapped lips, argan oil will soothe the skin, absorbing quickly and bringing great results. It is a powerful moisturizer for the face and will not leave it greasy or oily. It actually helps to clear the skin of blemishes and to restore its natural balance. Exfoliating is a great idea before applying argan oil. If possible, use some sort of exfoliating mitt or brush in the shower and once dry, apply argan oil liberally. Your skin will glow and will feel so much younger.


Silica – Living Silica (Liquid) – 1000ml/34oz. – Orgono

Many may call silica the ultimate beauty vitamin. This mineral plays a functional role in our human health. Every cell in our body uses it. At a young age our bodies contain higher amounts of silica, which is why our skin is smoother, nails stronger and hair shinier, but with age we lose silica in our bodies. One of the main causes of hair loss is hormonal balance, especially in females. Silica helps achieve the balance required. It also takes nutrients to the peripheral cells of our body mainly hair cells, nails and skin. This results in hair follicles receiving all essential minerals leading to hair growth and vitality and nails being stronger due to our nail beds being given the nutrients needed.

Zinc 8-oz. bottle (Angstrom-sized Zinc in purified ionic water)

Cell renewal is important in hair and nails health. Hair and nail cells are cells that grow and divide rapidly. Zinc is essential in the biochemical reaction of this process. People with zinc deficiency have slower hair and nail growth. They have abnormal nail discoloration and slower healing when nail splitting occurs, as well as hair dandruff and hair loss.

Zen Detox Hair & Scalp Therapy- 4 oz (Raw, Vegan, Organic)

We all know detoxifying our bodies help promote healthy living. Our hair needs it as well. Two main components create hair health: ELIMINATING TOXINS and BUILDING UP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. A wide variety of environmental and industrial toxins that pollute our water and air threaten hair health as well. These chemical pollutants accumulate in the body’s glandular and immune systems, which over time lose their ability to naturally detox. This unique multipurpose formula works as an extremely gentle “spa” detoxifier to lift heavy metals and other toxins from your scalp and oil glands while simultaneously cleansing hair follicle.

Hair and Nails – (100 vcaps)

Longevity of our youth is something everyone wants and desire. With age hair thins and nails get brittle. Reproduction of hair and nail cells slows; maintaining our cell healthy longer is important. This herbal formula could just as easily be called “Longevity Formula.”  The first seven herbs all promote longevity.  The last two herbs have actions that preserve our youth as well. It removes toxins and stagnation and helps regulate hormonal functions. These functions are a basic formula in the longevity of our body cells.

I am sure we are all guilty of using hair dyes over and over again, styling our hair with lots of heat and putting on artificial nails that do nothing but damage and prevent the nail beds from breathing. Well don’t give up! Incorporating these products in our regime showed amazing result.  What state is your hair and nails in?  Which of these products did you use and how were your results?  Lets us know!


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