Recipe Week! Grain Free Maple Caramel Granola


Note: Soak the almonds for 12-48 hours, and the pumpkin and sunflower seeds 4-6 hours, then drain and rinse.Then dehydrate for a few hours until nice and dry.. The sunflower and pumpkin seeds will take a shorter time to dry in the dehydrator then the almonds.

Add in the following order:

1 cup soaked and dehydrated pumpkin seeds (measured after soaking and dehydrating)

1 1/4 cups soaked and dehydrated sunflower seeds (measured after soaking and dehydrating)

2 cups soaked and dehydrated almonds (measured after soaking and dehydrating) After dehydrating I placed the almonds in a zip log bag and then smashed them up with a hammer. I then poured them out of the plastic bag and into the mixture. This was done to pulverize them so the mixture would be less chunky and be better incorporated. Why you see a little red in the photo below is because I was dehydrating some cranberries on the upper shelf while the almonds were just below them, so I little of the juice dropped on them.. Don’t worry if you end up with a few larger pieces..

Then add the following in one by one

1/2 cup Desiccated Coconut Shreds
1/3 cup flame raisins
1/3 cup Goji Berries
2 teaspoons vanilla powder
1/4 teaspoon Maine Coast Sea Salt with Sea Veg
1 Tablespoon Ceylon Cinnamon
1/2 Tablespoon Mesquite Powder
1 1/2 Tablespoons Lucuma Powder
3/4 teaspoon Green Stevia Leaf Powder
1/3rd cup plus 1 Tablespoon Amber Agave Nectar
(can also substitute with Coconut Nectar, Yacon Syrup to taste)

Mix all of this up in the order listed. Each item that you add mix in first before adding the next.. That way you make sure your mix is well incorporated. End with the Agave Syrup..

Prepare 3 dehydrator trays with Teflex sheets. Place 1/3rd of the mixture on each sheet, use your hands or a spreader to spread approx 3/8 inch thick. The mixture should be a little moist, which is how you want it to be.. The end result will be it is nice and chewy!!

Dehydrate at 145 for 1 hour and then reduce temperature to 115. When your granola is dry enough to peel off the Teflex sheets, and place onto the grid sheets. Continue to dehydrate until dry.

This is one of our favourite recipes from a past contest winner of our Customer Creations Contest – By Karen from QC. Let us know how you like the recipe or any modifications you may have made that put your own spin on it. Enjoy!

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