5 Reasons to Detox Your Hair

HAR_healthystarterkitIn a world full of chemicals, it is important that you try to limit the amount of harmful chemicals you put into and onto your body. We are so dependent on chemicals in our everyday life that sometimes it almost seems like there aren’t any solutions. When it comes to cutting out chemicals, hair care seems to be the last step for most people. Let me explain why cutting out chemicals in your hair care should be the next step in your journey to a chemical-free life.

1. Your skin absorbs 60% of what you put on your body
The chemicals in hair care products are highly toxic and some are even known carcinogens. These chemicals are not just sitting on top of your skin, they are being absorbed and entering your bloodstream. They can end up traveling to and accumulating in your organs. Most of the chemicals used in personal care products have not even been tested. The hair care industry is not regulated in the same way the food industry is. Products are not regulated which means the ingredients don’t need any type of approval before reaching the consumer. There are many side effects of these chemicals including allergic reactions and hormone disruption, not to mention what they could be doing to your organs.
2. The fillers used in hair care products plug your hair follicles
Some of the chemicals in hair care products act as fillers on your hair and scalp. They seal off your scalp not allowing it to breathe which can cause hair thinning. If the follicles are continually plugged, it will not allow for healthy hair growth and can even result in hair loss. These chemical fillers can prevent proper moisture and nutrients from reaching your hair and scalp.
3. You are stripping your scalp’s natural oils
Your scalps sebaceous oils provide proper moisture and protection for your scalp and hair. The oils protect your scalp from toxins and bacteria. When you strip your scalps oils, you are opening your scalp up to harmful bacteria and toxins. Every time you wash your hair with these harsh chemicals, your scalp freaks out and often ends up overproducing oils to compensate. You are also stripping your scalp of good bacteria, opening it up to harmful bacteria that can cause rashes, hair loss, and allergic reactions.
4. Chemical build-up can make your hair heavy and lanky
The chemical build-up these chemicals cause in your hair can cause your hair to become rather heavy. This can cause you to lose your natural curls or waves, lose shine, fade hair color, and prevent proper absorption of moisture. In addition to this, your hair can often become dry and damaged, no matter how much conditioner you use. It can cause your hair to lack luster and seem oily or dirty even after you just washed it.

5. Your hair is beautiful in its natural state
Your hair looks and feels amazing once the chemical build-up and fillers are gone! Your scalp’s oils will naturally moisturize and protect your hair. After the detox period, your hair will gain volume, strength, and shine like never before. You can go days in between washes and people often find that they don’t even need conditioners! Give your hair a chance and try out all natural, chemical-free Morrocco Method products!

~Morrocco Method



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