Secrets to Healthy Hair and Nails: Updated

Don’t we all wish we had the same beautiful hair we had when we were younger and also nice strong nails that add to our overall self-confidence and attractiveness? Hair and nails like the rest of our body are made up of cells that are in need of nutrients to stay healthy. They need to be fed and maintained. With the harsh chemicals and toxins we come across in our daily hectic lives we neglect our hair and nails and many of the important components needed to keep them healthy.  Here are few secret products of ours that will revitalize and maintain the healthy hair and nails we all

Argan Oil – 100% Pure, Cold Pressed

Argan oil has gained a lot of popularity because of hair care products that promote it. Pure argan oil is amazing on the scalp. It soothes dry, itchy scalp and it helps with flaking.  Real argan oil can rebuild damaged hair, leaving it feeling very soft but pure argan oil is to be used as a treatment rather than a daily hair product. Our suggestion is to massage it into the scalp and hair in the evening before bed. In the morning, wash it out with your regular shampoo. You will notice your hair feels softer and shinier. And don’t worry…it won’t stain your pillow case.

If you have dry, cracked, weak nails, argan oil may be what you’re looking for. Because of the incredibly high content of Vitamin E, argan oil will help to rebuild nail beds and cuticles resulting in healthier nails. Dipping your fingers in a small bowl of argan oil will produce almost instant results. In Morocco, women often mix a few drops of lemon juice with a small dish of argan oil to soak the cuticles.

Argan oil is wonderful on the skin. Helping with everything from cracked heels to chapped lips, argan oil will soothe the skin, absorbing quickly and bringing great results. It is a powerful moisturizer for the face and will not leave it greasy or oily. It actually helps to clear the skin of blemishes and to restore its natural balance. Exfoliating is a great idea before applying argan oil. If possible, use some sort of exfoliating mitt or brush in the shower and once dry, apply argan oil liberally. Your skin will glow and will feel so much younger.


Silica – Living Silica (Liquid) – 1000ml/34oz. – Orgono

Many may call silica the ultimate beauty vitamin. This mineral plays a functional role in our human health. Every cell in our body uses it. At a young age our bodies contain higher amounts of silica, which is why our skin is smoother, nails stronger and hair shinier, but with age we lose silica in our bodies. One of the main causes of hair loss is hormonal balance, especially in females. Silica helps achieve the balance required. It also takes nutrients to the peripheral cells of our body mainly hair cells, nails and skin. This results in hair follicles receiving all essential minerals leading to hair growth and vitality and nails being stronger due to our nail beds being given the nutrients needed.

Zinc 8-oz. bottle (Angstrom-sized Zinc in purified ionic water)

Cell renewal is important in hair and nails health. Hair and nail cells are cells that grow and divide rapidly. Zinc is essential in the biochemical reaction of this process. People with zinc deficiency have slower hair and nail growth. They have abnormal nail discoloration and slower healing when nail splitting occurs, as well as hair dandruff and hair loss.

Zen Detox Hair & Scalp Therapy- 4 oz (Raw, Vegan, Organic)

We all know detoxifying our bodies help promote healthy living. Our hair needs it as well. Two main components create hair health: ELIMINATING TOXINS and BUILDING UP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. A wide variety of environmental and industrial toxins that pollute our water and air threaten hair health as well. These chemical pollutants accumulate in the body’s glandular and immune systems, which over time lose their ability to naturally detox. This unique multipurpose formula works as an extremely gentle “spa” detoxifier to lift heavy metals and other toxins from your scalp and oil glands while simultaneously cleansing hair follicle.

Hair and Nails – (100 vcaps)

Longevity of our youth is something everyone wants and desire. With age hair thins and nails get brittle. Reproduction of hair and nail cells slows; maintaining our cell healthy longer is important. This herbal formula could just as easily be called “Longevity Formula.”  The first seven herbs all promote longevity.  The last two herbs have actions that preserve our youth as well. It removes toxins and stagnation and helps regulate hormonal functions. These functions are a basic formula in the longevity of our body cells.

I am sure we are all guilty of using hair dyes over and over again, styling our hair with lots of heat and putting on artificial nails that do nothing but damage and prevent the nail beds from breathing. Well don’t give up! Incorporating these products in our regime showed amazing result.  What state is your hair and nails in?  Which of these products did you use and how were your results?  Lets us know!


Sometimes the Answer to Your Health Issues is in the Toilet

You can tell a lot from going to the toilet – especially from urine.  Urine can take on many shades and hues, but this is not always a good thing.   It can take the colour of the food we eat, the vitamins that we take and can be dark or light.   What does all this mean?  Is rainbow coloured pee actually a good thing?   The infographic below shows how pee can be a useful diagnostic tool.   So what does red or green pee mean?  It could mean that you just had some beets earlier in the day or it could be a sign of disease.   Bright yellow pee could mean that your body is getting rid of excess vitamin B supplements.   If in doubt, always see a practitioner or doctor.

pee cleveland clinic

Now that you have reviewed the above chart, you are probably trying to remember what your last urine looked like or have gone to the washroom to check.   If your urine is a pale or light yellow then it means you are hydrated.  If it is very clear and transparent then you probably had too much water.  The darker it gets the more dehydrated the body is.    Dehydration could lead to muscle cramping or lack of body temperature control, but extreme dehydration could lead to dizziness, rapid heartbeat, shock and even death.

Urine Colour Chart

Urine can also indicate whether or not you are at risk of diabetes and can also be used to test your B12 levels.  It is also used to diagnose kidney or urinary tract infections and can also indicate pregnancy.

Don’t take the risk – stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids and eating fruits and veggies that also contain water.  Hydration is key to healthy skin other body functions.   Stay hydrated this summer and don’t put your body at risk.


Recipe Week! Grain Free Maple Caramel Granola

Recipe Week! Grain Free Maple Caramel Granola


Note: Soak the almonds for 12-48 hours, and the pumpkin and sunflower seeds 4-6 hours, then drain and rinse.Then dehydrate for a few hours until nice and dry.. The sunflower and pumpkin seeds will take a shorter time to dry in the dehydrator then the almonds.

Add in the following order:

1 cup soaked and dehydrated pumpkin seeds (measured after soaking and dehydrating)

1 1/4 cups soaked and dehydrated sunflower seeds (measured after soaking and dehydrating)

2 cups soaked and dehydrated almonds (measured after soaking and dehydrating) After dehydrating I placed the almonds in a zip log bag and then smashed them up with a hammer. I then poured them out of the plastic bag and into the mixture. This was done to pulverize them so the mixture would be less chunky and be better incorporated. Why you see a little red in the photo below is because I was dehydrating some cranberries on the upper shelf while the almonds were just below them, so I little of the juice dropped on them.. Don’t worry if you end up with a few larger pieces..

Then add the following in one by one

1/2 cup Desiccated Coconut Shreds
1/3 cup flame raisins
1/3 cup Goji Berries
2 teaspoons vanilla powder
1/4 teaspoon Maine Coast Sea Salt with Sea Veg
1 Tablespoon Ceylon Cinnamon
1/2 Tablespoon Mesquite Powder
1 1/2 Tablespoons Lucuma Powder
3/4 teaspoon Green Stevia Leaf Powder
1/3rd cup plus 1 Tablespoon Amber Agave Nectar
(can also substitute with Coconut Nectar, Yacon Syrup to taste)

Mix all of this up in the order listed. Each item that you add mix in first before adding the next.. That way you make sure your mix is well incorporated. End with the Agave Syrup..

Prepare 3 dehydrator trays with Teflex sheets. Place 1/3rd of the mixture on each sheet, use your hands or a spreader to spread approx 3/8 inch thick. The mixture should be a little moist, which is how you want it to be.. The end result will be it is nice and chewy!!

Dehydrate at 145 for 1 hour and then reduce temperature to 115. When your granola is dry enough to peel off the Teflex sheets, and place onto the grid sheets. Continue to dehydrate until dry.

This is one of our favourite recipes from a past contest winner of our Customer Creations Contest – By Karen from QC. Let us know how you like the recipe or any modifications you may have made that put your own spin on it. Enjoy!

The Change to Vegetarianism

The Change to Vegetarianism
– by Gabriel Cousens, MD

heartThere are many ways to become a vegetarian. This section outlines the changes and steps one often takes. The reader is given guidance regarding how to move from the present diet to lactovegetarian to vegan to a live-food, vegetarian diet. Enjoy the walk, take your time, and be gentle with yourself. Vegetarianism is about peace, and the first place to start is to be peaceful with yourself during the transition. Once you have made the major change to vegetarian, the individual diet that suits your own lifestyle and health needs will gradually emerge. Those who move too fast do not always last.

It is important to condition your body, mind, and spirit. Perhaps part of you has even wanted to give up reading the rest of the book because you do not feel ready to become a conscious eater. That may just be your flesh-eating and culturally ingrained old habits fighting back as your intuition, intellect, and spirit are working to guide you to the highest level of conscious eating you can attain. Don’t let your resistances control you.

Before moving forward in this section, I suggest you focus on yourself for a few moments. See yourself as strong and healthy, free of pain or sickness, with a pure spirit and God-like mind. Now close your eyes and breathe in radiant health and exhale all negativity and sickness. Do this seven times. Now, see the new you as a – conscious eater. Take as long as you need to pray or meditate until such a vision of your Divine potential appears. Feel the experience of this vision in your body as you are filled with health, spiritual power, and sensitivity. Experience the emotions and thoughts associated with the new you as a conscious eater.

Reasons for Transitioning to a Vegan Diet

1. A vegan diet, developed in a conscious, gradual, and scientific way, is an overwhelmingly superior diet for health, vitality, endurance, and general well-being.

2. Vegan food tends to create a calmer, more centered, and clearer emotional and mental state.

3. A vegan diet is a distinct aid for enhancing spiritual life and awareness. Throughout history, almost all major spiritual paths have acknowledged this awareness, including Genesis 1:29, the first dietary commandment and the first direct teaching to be vegan in the Bible.

4. A vegan diet enhances the flow of the spiritualizing force in the body. A flesh-centered diet acts as a sludge to the purifying movement of this holy force in all the basic elements of the body, mind, and spirit.

5. A vegan diet brings one into ecological harmony with all of creation. In comparison with a flesh-centered diet, it is vastly superior in its ability to conserve land, water, and energy, and to enhance the quality of both human and animal life. It brings us into harmony with the biological cycles of the biosphere, such as the natural oxygen/carbon dioxide cycle of our breath and that of the plant kingdom.

6. A vegan diet connects one with the solar, lunar, and stellar forces of the universe. It allows one to extract energy from Mother Nature through the balancing principle of the rainbow diet.

7. A vegan diet minimizes the violence and exploitation of our animal friends on the planet. In this nonviolent space, it allows compassion for all life to blossom. A vegan diet would help bring planetary peace on every level.

8. A vegan diet minimizes the hoarding, wasting, and inefficient use of natural resources and energy for producing food. It minimizes the wasting of the food itself, particularly in the form of grain fed to livestock. Because of this, a vegan way of life would make it possible (if the social and political aspects of our society were ready) to curtail the million deaths per year due to starvation. It would also help end the disease and misery of millions more suffering from malnutrition. The abundance of food created by the worldwide adoption of a vegan diet would prove that starvation on the planet is caused more by a scarcity of justice than of food.

9. A vegan diet is considerably less expensive than a flesh-centered diet, and would be even more so if the meat industry in the US were not significantly subsidized by the government.

10. A shift to a vegan way of life is part of a major planetary shift in consciousness. It is the dietary blueprint for the Golden Age we are entering.

The process of becoming a vegan is one of self-discovery and self- transformation. Because food is more primary than sex, whatever changes we do make have a deep impact on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level. With each change of habit, a little more consciousness is liberated. Part of the self-discovery process is that as we change, old thought forms must be brought up, examined, and ultimately discarded.

A rapid shift to a vegan diet may precipitate a physical detoxification. For this and the reasons above, the number-one rule for making the transition to veganism is to move slowly and gently. If we are to be at peace with ourselves, each step in the process must be one that feels harmonious. Most people can deal with change if it is gradual. If the change comes too quickly, it then becomes a shock to the system. Usually, the complete transition takes several years. In the overall picture, how long the process takes doesn’t matter. What matters is that one has chosen to move along the evolutionary continuum toward health, harmony, and peace. At each step of the way one creates more peace and does less damage to others and oneself. By moving slowly, one avoids the pitfall of overreacting on a physical, emotional, and psychological level to the attitudinal changes that are made in the transition to veganism. In this way, one avoids becoming discouraged. In order to work with these changes in a beneficial way, it is important for one to develop some understanding of how they unfold.

Perspectives on Dietary Change
Changing one’s dietary pattern is not a search for a perfect diet because the only thing that is perfect is beyond the body-mind complex. The only thing that is perfect is the Truth of God, in all, as All. We are already imbedded in this perfection except that most of us are not aware of this reality. A healthy diet is an aid in clearing our consciousness and body so that we can be more receptive to the experience of this absolute level of truth. Diet is not the key to spiritual life, but it is a positive helping factor that assists in opening the door to communion with the Divine. Besides enhancing our communion with the Divine, an appropriate diet can help us reach stages of health in which we can fully enjoy life and live more youthfully, longer. This conscious eating approach is the reflection of, and contributor to, our state of internal balance and external harmony with ourselves, our society, and our planet. It is part of the unfolding process of being in tune with the primary natural laws of the universe. A healthy diet is most appropriately developed not as a mechanical process separate from our life, but in a full spiritual context of right livelihood, good company, loving our neighbors as our true selves, meditation and/or prayer, and starting each thought, word, and action with love. It is through this perspective that we are best able to develop an individualized diet that reflects the highest state of awareness and is completely appropriate to maximal function in the world.

Four Transition Stages
There are several major stages of dietary transition. Each stage may take as little as one season in a yearly cycle. The concept of “transitioning” allows one to be receptive to the continued progress of one’s evolutionary growth, no matter what the time frame.
Stage one is a transition from all bioacidic foods to natural, whole, organic foods. This means letting go of all processed, irradiated, chemicalized, pesticide-ridden and fungicide-containing, adulterated, fast, and junk foods and other sorts of “Hostess Twinkie”-type foods. In this stage we also begin to give up red meats.
The second stage is letting go of all flesh foods, such as poultry and fish. It also includes not eating eggs.
Stage three is a vegetarian diet with the inclusion of dairy at the beginning and then moving to an 80% live-food intake by the end.
Stage four is vegan without dairy and may be as much as 95‒100% live foods by the end. Not eating flesh or any dairy products is not technically defined as a vegan because to be a true vegan means the absolute avoidance of any animal products in the total lifestyle. This includes the avoidance of leather clothing, honey, and gelatin capsules.

For many people converting to a major lifestyle change. Without an understanding of the subtleties of the process it is easy to become confused and discouraged. This chapter speaks to those physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues. I also put vegetarianism in perspective spiritually by making the point that although a vegetarian diet helps the spiritual process, one cannot eat one’s way to God. As you read this chapter, try to see where you experience your own resistances. Are you ready to let go of these resistances? Are you ready to adopt a diet that will most likely make you more sensitive to the presence of God in your life?

For more useful information about the change to vegetarianism, please read Conscious Eating by Dr. Gabriel Cousens. On sale for the month of March – 10% off!


Detox My Hair?! Why on Earth Would I do that?

5 Reasons to Detox Your Hair

HAR_healthystarterkitIn a world full of chemicals, it is important that you try to limit the amount of harmful chemicals you put into and onto your body. We are so dependent on chemicals in our everyday life that sometimes it almost seems like there aren’t any solutions. When it comes to cutting out chemicals, hair care seems to be the last step for most people. Let me explain why cutting out chemicals in your hair care should be the next step in your journey to a chemical-free life.

1. Your skin absorbs 60% of what you put on your body
The chemicals in hair care products are highly toxic and some are even known carcinogens. These chemicals are not just sitting on top of your skin, they are being absorbed and entering your bloodstream. They can end up traveling to and accumulating in your organs. Most of the chemicals used in personal care products have not even been tested. The hair care industry is not regulated in the same way the food industry is. Products are not regulated which means the ingredients don’t need any type of approval before reaching the consumer. There are many side effects of these chemicals including allergic reactions and hormone disruption, not to mention what they could be doing to your organs.
2. The fillers used in hair care products plug your hair follicles
Some of the chemicals in hair care products act as fillers on your hair and scalp. They seal off your scalp not allowing it to breathe which can cause hair thinning. If the follicles are continually plugged, it will not allow for healthy hair growth and can even result in hair loss. These chemical fillers can prevent proper moisture and nutrients from reaching your hair and scalp.
3. You are stripping your scalp’s natural oils
Your scalps sebaceous oils provide proper moisture and protection for your scalp and hair. The oils protect your scalp from toxins and bacteria. When you strip your scalps oils, you are opening your scalp up to harmful bacteria and toxins. Every time you wash your hair with these harsh chemicals, your scalp freaks out and often ends up overproducing oils to compensate. You are also stripping your scalp of good bacteria, opening it up to harmful bacteria that can cause rashes, hair loss, and allergic reactions.
4. Chemical build-up can make your hair heavy and lanky
The chemical build-up these chemicals cause in your hair can cause your hair to become rather heavy. This can cause you to lose your natural curls or waves, lose shine, fade hair color, and prevent proper absorption of moisture. In addition to this, your hair can often become dry and damaged, no matter how much conditioner you use. It can cause your hair to lack luster and seem oily or dirty even after you just washed it.

5. Your hair is beautiful in its natural state
Your hair looks and feels amazing once the chemical build-up and fillers are gone! Your scalp’s oils will naturally moisturize and protect your hair. After the detox period, your hair will gain volume, strength, and shine like never before. You can go days in between washes and people often find that they don’t even need conditioners! Give your hair a chance and try out all natural, chemical-free Morrocco Method products!

~Morrocco Method