Miso has been a staple in Japanese and Chinese diets for centuries.   In Japan, a warm bowl of Miso soup in the morning is said to help get your digestive juices flowing.   Only in the past few decades has miso been gaining popularity in North America.  Now you can find miso in most supermarkets and health food stores, but what good is it if you don’t know how to use it?


There are many varieties of miso on the market. Most are made from Soybeans – which we don’t recommend – except maybe if they are organic and non-GMO.   But there are other choices of Miso made from brown rice that you can easily find.   Some misos also have other ingredients added to them to enrich their flavour such as chickpeas, adzuki beans, barley, ginger, chili, garlic etc.


Whichever type you decide to purchase make sure that it is unpasteurized or else you are losing the health benefits of the enzymes and beneficial bacteria created during the fermentation process when making the miso.  So here we go….

5 Ways to Use Miso

  1. SOUPS

Use it as a base for a soup. Yes, miso soup. We like adding 1 heaping tablespoon of miso per 2 cups of water.   Just blend in a blender and add your favourites to it. We like adding kelp noodles, green onion, nori or dulse or you can even add diced avocado to the finished product.


Add a tablespoon of Miso into a blender and mix with a bit of apple cider vinegar or Coconut Vinegar and olive oil to make a simple salad dressing. Experiment with different herbs to create your own favourite recipe.


We like making our own dips and spreads by adding our favourite spices to the miso and blending it until it is smooth. Our favourite is with miso, tahini, lemon and dill.   You can also add garlic or onion if you like.   Dip your favourite veggies in it. You can also make it runny and use it as a salad dressing. We also like cutting out some avocado and adding this to the center of it. Actually plain miso and avocado go great together too.


You can also use the saltiness of the miso to help marinade veggies.   Just add some water and miso together and add your favourite herbs and spices.


Miso, ginger and water make a quick digestive aid and help with assimilating other food that is in the intestine.

These are just a few ideas to help get you started on your miso adventure. We would love to hear from you. What are your favourite uses for miso?


Note: Upaya Naturals carries 2 Types of brown rice miso – Adzuki Bean and Chick Pea. Both are unpasteurized and certified organic.


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