Everyone LOVES Apple Pie, but why are holidays, birthdays, office parties…. all trying to make us fat with highly processed desserts?  Don’t we all want to eat our pie and keep our waistline too!

We like to finish our meal with dessert, but not regret it!  So our search began.

We stumbled upon the holy grail of Apple Pies 🙂

Raw Apple Pie

1) First soak the dates.
2) Blend the walnuts and then add all of the ingredients for the crust. Press into a pie tin & place in the freezer to firm up!
3) Core, Peel & cut up the apples into small bite sized chunks. Mix together the ingredients for the filling and toss with the apple chunks. Dehydrate on 105* for 2-3 hours (until soft like baked apples)
4) Blend caramel ingredients and then pour a layer on the bottom of the crust.
5) Fill pie with apples, drizzle the remainder of the caramel over top. Place in freezer to set up (or fridge).


Sea-Salted Caramel Apple Pie Crust
1c  Walnuts
1c  Raisins
0.5c  Almond Flour
1 T   Maple Sugar or Coconut Sugar
1c  Figs
1.5 t  Cinnamon
1.5 t  Pumpkin Pie Spice

5 Apples
0.5c  Raisins
4 T Coconut Nectar
4 T Lemon Juice
1 T Cinnamon
0.5 T Pmkn Pie Spice

4 T Almond Butter
2 T Coconut Nectar
1 T Olive Oil
4 T Water
4 Dates (1/2 cup)

To top it off sprinkle some sea salt on top 🙂

Let us know what you think of this delicious recipe.


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