By now many of us have already made New Year’s resolutions. Most of the resolutions have to do with improving our health or doing things to improve ourselves such as losing weight, eating better, going to the gym, etc. Most of these New Year’s resolutions are for our own personal gain.

Why not try something different this year? Why not go back and make a New Year’s resolution where we are helping or uplifting others.  There are so many people out there that would be grateful if someone gave them a hand or if someone could be there by their side to listen or even be supportive of them.  It could be as simple as going to an old age home and talking to an elderly person once a week. Perhaps join a big brother or big sister program.  Maybe help an elderly person shovel their driveway or walkway when it snows or take out their garbage once a week. It could be helping out at a local farm sanctuary or volunteering to walk dogs at a nearby shelter.

Let’s think about and make different New Year’s resolutions this year that helps you to grow or ‘improve’ if you will in other ways, by giving your love and attention outward.  Let’s get the ball rolling.

Let us know what your resolution is to help others and how your New Year’s resolution is going so far.  You have the rest of January to start something up. It can be simple and not even take up much time. Take some time and see what transpires and then tell us about it. Or if you even have other ideas then let us know! Simply type it in the comments below and you’ll be automatically entered to win a Spirooli Vegetable Slicer. It will be a random drawing so entries are not competing against each other.

Deadline to enter is January 31, 2015

Enter Contest to Win Prize Below.

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8 thoughts on “Contest: A Different Spin On New Year’s Resolutions

  1. We decided as a family to work towards having our dog certified for the Canine Good Citizen test so we can take her to seniors homes and hospitals. There’s nothing like a great dog to lift spirits!

  2. I’m planning to start volunteering this year with refugees. With the Canadian government creating a war on this population over the last several years, it’s angered me but has moved me towards wanting to support them and the great service centres that are around my city.

  3. I have decided to bring together groups of like minded people to positive events in the community. There’s the centre for Spiritual Living on Sunday morning then a Healing Circle with tea and treats later in the day. Everyone has been in a low point at sometime andd needs to feel a part of something especially when funding is maybe lower than usual! Since thatwas me most recently, I love that I can help out & bring people together as well.

  4. I have decided to greet people with a smile and to do whatever I can to make their day a better day, by having come in contact with me. I want someone elses day to be better because of my interaction.

  5. I have decided to have a Positive Outlook and Positive Attitude each new day, to smile and make a difference in the lives of Seniors in Care Facilities.
    I have also started teaching Raw & Living Food Preparation Classes to others so that they can transform & change their Lives to be more Vibrant and Healthy.
    I will support them in whatever way I can.

  6. We have a neighbour who is not as fortunate as we are and I have decided to bring meals over to him twice a week and when we have a big holiday dinner to invite him over to partake in the feast.

  7. I’ve resolved to change my career to something that helps others instead of hurting this planet I want to spend my job time helping make this a better place.

  8. Congratulations to Christine Mancini. You are the winner of a Spirooli Slicer. Please email us with your address to claim your prize.

    “We have a neighbour who is not as fortunate as we are and I have decided to bring meals over to him twice a week and when we have a big holiday dinner to invite him over to partake in the feast.”

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