Many of us are looking forward to the new year because it is the time where we make our New Year’s resolutions.  We make these resolutions but only a few of us keep them.  This year why not do something different. Instead of having one big resolution why not divide it into smaller resolutions or baby steps.

For example, if you’re trying to better your health then why not start with something very simple. Instead of trying to kick that morning coffee why not try to kick the afternoon coffee – with a glass of water or juice instead. Once you’ve done this for a week or two maybe you can start removing that morning coffee.   If you’re the type of person that absolutely needs to have the coffee in the morning, instead of getting rid of it right away, why not add something healthy to your morning routine instead.  Make a smoothie to take to work with you for breakfast instead of corn-based cereal, or make some Chia porridge – which only takes minutes to make.  You can even add a fresh pressed juice.  The healthier options you add to your every day life the easier it will be to get rid of unhealthy choices.


Another resolution, and perhaps one of the most popular ones,  is to get fit, build muscle and go to the gym to work out.  Every year the gyms./fitness centers are jam-packed for the first few weeks in the new year then people start disappearing and not being able to hold onto their New Year’s resolution.  Instead of just dropping money for a gym membership right away, why not start off slow. Start off by stretching every morning when you wake up. Do some push-ups and sit-ups the following week every morning or evening.  Go for a walk or jog every day. These are all little steps you can take that don’t cost much money and will start you off on the right track to getting fit.  Once you know you’re committed for a few weeks then perhaps it’s time to drop some cash and join a fitness center where you can further build muscle and strengthen your physique.

That’s just our two cents.  What is your resolution this year and what steps are you going to take to get there?

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