Listening to the radio and watching TV or other media sources this holiday season we see tons of commercials advertising new products to buy to give to family members, relatives and friends. These advertisements are geared to people that have a steady income, that can afford all these fancy new toys and gifts.

There are so many families during this holiday season that can’t afford all these toys and gadgets. They can’t even afford to put a holiday meal on the table. They can’t afford to get anything for the kids, they can’t even afford to pay their rent, to have a home, to have shelter. They can’t afford the basic necessities in life, yet we are here spending money on useless nonsense that typically ends up in the garbage dump..

There are so many ways to help the less fortunate in your community this holiday season. Why not get a few family members together and instead of buying gifts for each other, buy gifts for the less fortunate.  Take them to a woman shelter or look up a list at your local food bank or your local charity of people who need help and donate gifts to them.   Start a food drive at work – you can even have food donations geared more towards vegans.  Get a bunch of friends together and go shopping for some perishable items or even diapers you can donate to your local food bank.


There are lots of people out there that need simple things in life that we take for granted. Donate your time to charity. There’s a charity called Christmas Cheer that’s in almost every city across the country that gives out food this time of year, regardless of people’s religion.  Help out at a soup kitchen, food bank, salvation army or other charitable organization this season.

So this holiday season don’t be selfish, have a heart, open it up to other people, people you may not even know. The little things that you do for them can go along way.  Remember there are still people that need help even after the holiday season is over.

Let us know what you do to spread joy in your community.

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