Are you still buying Egg Nog from the grocery store that is full of preservatives, high in refined sugar and contains animal products?  Why not make your own healthy treat?  One of our favourite drinks is this Raw Vegan Nut Nog below.

The almonds are a good source of calcium.  The optional Chia seeds are excellent brain food and also a good source of calcium.  The dates are high in iron.  Cinnamon is an excellent healing spice as well as turmeric.  The Sea Salt has 80 trace minerals.  How can you go wrong with all these great benefits?  Whip this recipe up in minutes.



Raw Vegan Nut Nog

Serves 6

Blend all ingredients in a blender let chill in the fridge (so the chia thickens if you added this option) and serve with a dash of nutmeg or cinnamon on top.  You can also serve it at whatever temperature you like.   Enjoy.

Do you have any quick and easy drink recipes?  We would love for you to share them below.


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