Baby Steps to Start the New Year

Many of us are looking forward to the new year because it is the time where we make our New Year’s resolutions.  We make these resolutions but only a few of us keep them.  This year why not do something different. Instead of having one big resolution why not divide it into smaller resolutions or baby steps.

For example, if you’re trying to better your health then why not start with something very simple. Instead of trying to kick that morning coffee why not try to kick the afternoon coffee – with a glass of water or juice instead. Once you’ve done this for a week or two maybe you can start removing that morning coffee.   If you’re the type of person that absolutely needs to have the coffee in the morning, instead of getting rid of it right away, why not add something healthy to your morning routine instead.  Make a smoothie to take to work with you for breakfast instead of corn-based cereal, or make some Chia porridge – which only takes minutes to make.  You can even add a fresh pressed juice.  The healthier options you add to your every day life the easier it will be to get rid of unhealthy choices.


Another resolution, and perhaps one of the most popular ones,  is to get fit, build muscle and go to the gym to work out.  Every year the gyms./fitness centers are jam-packed for the first few weeks in the new year then people start disappearing and not being able to hold onto their New Year’s resolution.  Instead of just dropping money for a gym membership right away, why not start off slow. Start off by stretching every morning when you wake up. Do some push-ups and sit-ups the following week every morning or evening.  Go for a walk or jog every day. These are all little steps you can take that don’t cost much money and will start you off on the right track to getting fit.  Once you know you’re committed for a few weeks then perhaps it’s time to drop some cash and join a fitness center where you can further build muscle and strengthen your physique.

That’s just our two cents.  What is your resolution this year and what steps are you going to take to get there?


Give Something Back During the Holidays

Listening to the radio and watching TV or other media sources this holiday season we see tons of commercials advertising new products to buy to give to family members, relatives and friends. These advertisements are geared to people that have a steady income, that can afford all these fancy new toys and gifts.

There are so many families during this holiday season that can’t afford all these toys and gadgets. They can’t even afford to put a holiday meal on the table. They can’t afford to get anything for the kids, they can’t even afford to pay their rent, to have a home, to have shelter. They can’t afford the basic necessities in life, yet we are here spending money on useless nonsense that typically ends up in the garbage dump..

There are so many ways to help the less fortunate in your community this holiday season. Why not get a few family members together and instead of buying gifts for each other, buy gifts for the less fortunate.  Take them to a woman shelter or look up a list at your local food bank or your local charity of people who need help and donate gifts to them.   Start a food drive at work – you can even have food donations geared more towards vegans.  Get a bunch of friends together and go shopping for some perishable items or even diapers you can donate to your local food bank.


There are lots of people out there that need simple things in life that we take for granted. Donate your time to charity. There’s a charity called Christmas Cheer that’s in almost every city across the country that gives out food this time of year, regardless of people’s religion.  Help out at a soup kitchen, food bank, salvation army or other charitable organization this season.

So this holiday season don’t be selfish, have a heart, open it up to other people, people you may not even know. The little things that you do for them can go along way.  Remember there are still people that need help even after the holiday season is over.

Let us know what you do to spread joy in your community.

Raw Vegan Nut Nog

Are you still buying Egg Nog from the grocery store that is full of preservatives, high in refined sugar and contains animal products?  Why not make your own healthy treat?  One of our favourite drinks is this Raw Vegan Nut Nog below.

The almonds are a good source of calcium.  The optional Chia seeds are excellent brain food and also a good source of calcium.  The dates are high in iron.  Cinnamon is an excellent healing spice as well as turmeric.  The Sea Salt has 80 trace minerals.  How can you go wrong with all these great benefits?  Whip this recipe up in minutes.



Raw Vegan Nut Nog

Serves 6

Blend all ingredients in a blender let chill in the fridge (so the chia thickens if you added this option) and serve with a dash of nutmeg or cinnamon on top.  You can also serve it at whatever temperature you like.   Enjoy.

Do you have any quick and easy drink recipes?  We would love for you to share them below.

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The holidays are just around the corner and we at Upaya Naturals are giving away a set of RawFoodz CheeSauce’s and Salad Dressings to help kick-start the holiday season.

RawFoodz Giveaway

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Good luck to everyone.



Hi Upaya Team,

From a young age I recognized the importance of nourishing my physical, mental and spiritual health. Because of this ingrained personal awareness, some of the things I have continued to integrate into my lifestyle are conscious eating, daily exercise, connecting with nature, and practicing yoga and meditation. I have been a vegetarian since I was 12 years old, and now at 20, I enjoy eating a diet full of beautiful living foods and spices! From my experience, raw vegan living foods as well as Superfoods have supplied me with optimum energy and an everyday zeal for life! The RawFoodz CheeSauce’s and Salad Dressings are comforting, healing and rejuvenating, and along with other brands of raw foods, they continue to inspire my decisions and living intentions to teach others about the amazing potential of these foods. There is something for everyone! Furthermore, in the New Year I will be working in a raw living food community, and, in addition to ordering from Upaya, I will be farming my own organic foods. I strongly believe that it is essential and wise to invest energy in the cooperation with nature and its vast bounty of natural resources for the health of all living things. Go raw vegan living foods!

Happy Holidays,