At a recent trade show that we were participating in people were lined up for 10 -1 5 minutes in order to get a small sample of instant noodles to try as well as a  free bag to take home.  There must have been about a few thousand people that grabbed a free sample bag of instant noodles that weekend thinking that they were making a healthy choice since the product was vegan, had no trans fats and no added MSG.   Little did they know what they were actually ingesting with every spoon full.

After seeing all this commotion over some instant noodles we decided to do a bit of digging to see what was actually in the bag of noodles.   We went to the manufacturer’s website but we could not find the ingredients listed.  Only the nutritional info was listed, which had staggering 920mg of sodium per serving.

We finally found the ingredients listing from a picture of the back of the pack of the noodles.   We are not going to go through the entire list but anyone with a little bit of knowledge can easily see how this food contains nothing but enriched flour, cheap oils, starches, high fructose corn syrup and preservatives oh yeah and some dehydrated vegetables (less than 2%).  Not only that, but most instant noodles are coated in wax to prevent them from sticking together.  Yuck. We definitely would not consider this a health food.


So why would people want to consume this?  Well the salt and the flavorings make it taste good –  never mind what else you are getting with it.  Plus, it’s convenient – right?  Just throw it in a microwave for a few minutes and you have an instant meal.

That being said, let’s compare these to the mung bean fettuccine noodles we carry.  Mind you these are not an instant meal since they don’t have the broth and sauce that comes with them, but why not create your own.   So the ingredients are: Organic Mung Beans and water.   Simple and effective.   Take them out of the bag and if you want to cook them, you can boil them and add your favorite veggies and sauce or broth .  Quick and easy.

We like eating them raw.  So we just let them soak in warm water overnight until they soften and make a cashew based Alfredo sauce and mix in our favourite veggies.   Yummy.


So next time you are lined up waiting for a sample, don’t just go in blindly.  Find out what you are actually going to be eating.  Take those few minutes and inform yourself.



2 thoughts on “Instant Noodles: The Bad, The Good and the Tasty.

  1. Good point. Lots of companies are taking advantage of fact that many people want to eat healthy but don’t necessarily put in the time to research what IS actually healthy. So we have all these health tags now – GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN, ORGANIC, GRAIN FREE, NATURAL etc.. But just because something is gluten-free, doesn’t mean it is healthy. You can still use crap ingredients to make a gluten-free product. Same with vegan, organic etc..

    Do you research, make your own food.

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