We get asked questions about our coconut oil a lot. Ever notice that some coconut oils have a very strong coconut flavour and taste while others are a bit milder? Well, when you open up a fresh coconut or even open a bag of coconut shreds is there a strong coconut smell and taste or is it more of a mild thing? So think about it, when you have a raw coconut, it does not have a strong coconut taste – it’s more mild, right?  UPA-075-1

So why do some coconut oils have a very strong coconut taste and smell? Well this is because they are not actually raw. They are cold pressed but processed at high temperatures. The term ‘Cold pressed’ doesn’t really mean what it reads. Many people believe this term meaQFI-003-1ns there is no heat involved. Whenever you press something in a hydraulic press there is heat generated. The faster you press it the more heat. It’s this heat that makes the coconut oil taste more coco-nutty. Actual raw coconut oil will not have a strong nutty smell or taste compared to some other oils on the market that are cold pressed at high temperatures. Just try heating some coconut shreds and you will see what we mean. That’s why coconut macaroons that are heated have a more nutty flavour.

Also, do you ever notice that some coconut oils say they are ‘extra virgin’? Well in the coconut industry there is no such thing. It’s a marketing tool used to deceive consumers to think they are purchasing a superior product. All coconut oil is always made from the first pressing. Canada is now cracking down on this mislabeling and not allowing companies to use the term “Extra Virgin” on coconut oil labels.

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