Plastic, Plastic Plastic, Everything Is Made Of Plastic!

Plastics have been around for less than a century but will stay in our landfills and environment for hundreds or thousands of years.    Plastic is everywhere, from light switches, shoes, keyboards, computers, chairs, binders, cups, straws, water bottles, food containers and more.    Many products today would not have been possible without the use of plastic.  Could you imagine a keyboard made from metal or glass.   Sounds cool but is it possible?  The good thing is that the shift to alternatives to conventional plastic is on the rise.

This being said there are many plastic alternatives and also Eco-plastics which will biodegrade faster than conventional plastics.   You can find these Eco-friendly plastics used in making grocery bags, to-go containers, straws and more.  Although they are biodegradable, they still end up taking room in our land fills or in the compost.

For those concerned with bisphenol A (BPA), there are many plastic and non-plastic alternatives for products that are in contact with food.   Personally we recommend staying away from plastic when it comes to food contact surfaces.   Next time you are shopping, look for Eco-Friendly plastics or alternatives to plastic to help ease the burden on mother earth.    Some examples are below.

Re-usable Glass Drinking Strawsglass straws

Why clog up landfills with used plastic straws when you can purchase an Eco-Friendly re-usable glass straw and carrying case to bring with you on the go.

Glass and Stainless Steel Water BottlesLFA-20-2TEN-020-2

Bamboo Cutlery Set or Chopsticks


Glass Food Storage Containers

glass containers