This recipe is quick and easy to make and is one we use very often for a quick side dish.
Stuffed Tomatoes – Vegan Live Food Style
Will fill approximately 6 medium sized tomatoes.
1 C pistachios
1 C pumpkin seeds, soaked
¾ C Olive oil
½ C tomato innards
½ C Lemon juice
¼ C Water
3 T each fresh Thyme and Basil, minced
1 t Salt
Cut out the top of 6 tomatoes, scoop out the inside, save to processes into the pate.  Process everything above in a blender or a food processor with an s-blade until very smooth.  Fill tomatoes with pate and garnish.  Dehydrate on 140°F for two hours to soften and warm.
 stuffed tomatto
This recipe is from the Tree Of Life Institute and Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine Recipe book.

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