Recipe Week: Stuffed Tomatoes – Vegan Live Food Style

This recipe is quick and easy to make and is one we use very often for a quick side dish.
Stuffed Tomatoes – Vegan Live Food Style
Will fill approximately 6 medium sized tomatoes.
1 C pistachios
1 C pumpkin seeds, soaked
¾ C Olive oil
½ C tomato innards
½ C Lemon juice
¼ C Water
3 T each fresh Thyme and Basil, minced
1 t Salt
Cut out the top of 6 tomatoes, scoop out the inside, save to processes into the pate.  Process everything above in a blender or a food processor with an s-blade until very smooth.  Fill tomatoes with pate and garnish.  Dehydrate on 140°F for two hours to soften and warm.
 stuffed tomatto
This recipe is from the Tree Of Life Institute and Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine Recipe book.

Human Compassion Stops Traffic

I saw the most amazing act of human compassion today.  I was at a busy intersection which had four lanes in each direction.   I was waiting for the light to turn green while traffic was still moving in the other direction.   All of a sudden I saw this little guy trying to cross the street and trying to avoid vehicles. My heart stopped and I held my breath.  I couldn’t move and I was frozen. I was praying he would make it to the other side. I was shouting out “Hurry, run run”.  He was scared and panicking and didn’t know what to do.  He was going back-and-forth nervous that he was going to get hit.   I couldn’t imagine how scared he was trying to dodge cars.   All of a sudden one car stopped, then another, then a third car stopped and when my light turned green nobody moved. Within a few seconds all lanes in that whole intersection were stopped waiting for this little guy to cross the street.   It was pretty unbelievable.

That’s when my heart started beating again, because at first, I thought this poor little chipmunk wasn’t going to make it.  That’s also when I realized that perhaps our natural inherent state is a compassionate one, whether it be to other humans or to animals.

Perhaps that is why most people who eat meat, can never kill their own dinner.   They couldn’t bear to do it. They rely on factory farms or others to bring the dead meat to the kitchen instead.

Today one little chipmunk stopped traffic in a busy intersection for about a minute until he was safely across the street. Each person sitting in their car made a free will choice to care.  Somehow the chipmunk crossing the street became more important at that moment than getting to work on time, dropping the kids off at summer school or getting to a yoga class or whatever other busy work we do in our hectic lives.    This little guy was no bigger than a mouse, so everyone had to look very carefully to see him.  There was nobody waiving the cars to stop.  It just happened.

It’s amazing how much power a little animal can have over us humans.  May we all be so fortunate to be touched by an animal in our lives.


This is not the actual guy but he was just as tiny.


Beat The Heat This Summer

With the heat of the summer on its way we decided to share some tips and tricks that we use to help beat the hot humid days by staying hydrated and enjoying some nice cool treats.

So we all should be drinking plenty of fluids. So how do you get the water into your cells more efficiently? We always add Crystal Energy to our water and take a couple of Megahydrate capsules to help restructure the water and allow better absorption. We also add Polar Mins or simply a pinch of Pink Himalayan salt for added minerals/electrolytes.


Another one of our favourites to help quench our thirst is our Young Organic Thai Coconut Water. It’s so refreshing with a slight sweetness to it. Just thaw it out and drink it straight or use it as a base for your favourite drinks.TRB-1140-1

Try a mylk shake using our raw cashew ice cream. Simply add a couple scoops of ice cream to a blender with a bit if water, add your favourite berries and blend. Grab a Strawesome glass smoothie straw and enjoy. We love using vanilla ice cream since it is easier to add other flavours to it to make your own unique concoction. Try it with some fresh mint and cacao nibs for  a refreshing treat.


Sorbets are easy to make with a juicer that has a homogenizing or blank screen. Simply add your favourite frozen fruit through the juicer to make and instant frozen treat. Top with your favourite condiments and serve.

Iced cappuccino anyone? This is so quick to make and is actually healthy for you. Add ice, almond mylk, a couple tablespoons of Dandy Blend (healthy coffee alternative) and your favourite sweetener (optional) and blend. This is also great to serve to guests since they have no clue that there is no coffee in it.

We also love making teas. Our favourites are the heaven hibiscus straight up and the Longevity Tea with a twist of lime, mint and sweetener.


So what’s your favourite cool me down drink or recipe? Let’s all share and keep cool this summer.