Do you remember the first time you ate a raw vegan dish?   What was going through your mind?   How did your friends and family react?   How did it make you feel and what made you try it?

We remember the first time we heard about raw food.  It was actually through a friend of ours over 10 years ago.  At that time we were vegan and eating raw food by default – such as salads and whole fruits, but never fathomed making a raw vegan entrée or whole raw vegan meal.  We didn’t even know what that was.

We remember driving around Toronto trying to figure out which vegan restaurant to go to when the phone rang.   It was one of our friends and he suggested trying a small restaurant which served raw food.  We didn’t understand the concept and asked what he meant by raw food.  He said that it was food that was not cooked and vegan, like raw lasagna or pizza or pasta.   We asked how you can eat raw dough, bread or pasta.  That would taste horrible.   He just simply said to go and try it.  So we did.

We remember seeing the menu and still couldn’t understand how you could make lasagna or pizza without cooking it.   There were also salads, fresh juices and smoothies available which we were familiar with.  We decided on the sampler plate and ordered one each along with a fresh juice and salad.


When the food came, the server explained what each creation was.  We had a sample size of pizza made with buckwheat crust and topped with tomato sauce, cheese (made with cashews), zucchini , red peppers and a few other veggies.   There was also a piece of lasagna which zucchini was used as a replacement for the cooked pasta.   We had nori rolls (sushi but with veggies) and some dehydrated chips made from beets and sweet potato.   It looked very interesting and was very close in flavor to the cooked versions.

After that experience we incorporated more raw food into our lives until we decided to go totally raw a few months later.   Our friends and family did not understand the concept but a few were open to the idea and we eventually had a few raw vegan family Holiday meals were everyone enjoyed a raw food dish.   It was fun and exciting preparing all the food for the family occasions.   I still remember a few comments from family members saying that they were already full after only eating half a plate of food.   I guess the dense vitamins and minerals in the organic food satiated them faster than the processed food they were used to.

So don’t be afraid to share your raw food creations with others.   Start off with some sweet creations since everyone loves desserts and then go from there.   You don’t even have to tell them it’s raw J.


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