3 Easy Ways to Get Rid Of Bad Breath, Pasty Tongue, Plaque and Stains

Do you ever brush your teeth and still feel like your mouth is still not clean?   Do you have bad breath?  Do you have a thick coating on your tongue in the morning or after you eat?  Are your teeth sticky and don’t feel clean?   Do you have stains you are trying to get rid of?   Well here are a few tools and techniques that we have been using for the past few years that have worked for us.

Tongue Cleaner
This wonderful product is so simple and yet extremely effective with helping get rid of that sticky, smelly residue on your tongue.   Just open wide, stick out your tongue and gently scrape off the gunk.  You will be amazed and a bit disgusted at what your tongue is coated in.   By removing this residue you are also helping reduce bad breath and bacteria.  Once you’ve tried it you will want to get one for everyone in your family.  It feels better than brushing.


Ionic Toothbrush
So what is an Ionic Toothbrush?  Well, this device charges the plaque on your teeth as you brush to help pull it into the toothbrush.   The Ionic toothbrush has been clinically shown to remove 48% more plaque than a manual brush and it is more effective than electric and sonic toothbrushes.  Get your teeth squeaky clean with this Dr Tung Ionic Toothbrush.DRT-0004drt_ionictb_diagram

Hydrogen Peroxide
Have you ever read the ingredients on many of these tooth whiteners?  Well almost all of them contain hydrogen peroxide.    So why not make your own teeth whitener for pennies and also help get rid of bacteria at the same time.  First off you want to dilute the hydrogen peroxide down to 3% then mix it with 50:50 with water.   Once you have this down to 1.5% solution you simply rinse your mouth out by swishing it in your mouth for 30-60 seconds and then spit it out.    Don’t eat or brush your teeth for an hour after you have rinsed.   We typically use this solution after brushing our teeth and using the tongue scraper.

Start off with a small amount of solution in your mouth to test it.  We recommend diluting it down a lot when you first start in order  to make sure that it is not too strong.   Once you start swishing it in your mouth you will feel tingling and your mouth will start foaming from the chemical reaction of the peroxide getting rid of the bacteria in your mouth.   If you feel that it is burning, then rinse out your mouth with more water.   It may sound complicated but once you have the right dilution it’s simple.  Note that we sell 35% solution and that you will have to dilute this as per the instructions on the bottle to get it to 3% then cut this with half water to get it down to 1.5%.    We also use this solution to clean our toothbrush by simply pouring a bit over the brush and letting it sit for 5 minutes then rinsing it off.   On a side note, if you have cuts or piercings in your mouth we don’t recommend this since it may oxidize your jewelery and may sting if in contact with any cuts – nonetheless it will disinfect them.

Of course we also recommend flossing.   So give the above tools a try and let us know what you think.  Have any other suggestions?  Please feel free to post them below and keep smiling 🙂



Disclaimer:  Please note that we are not dentists and  you should consult with your dentist before trying this.  Also note that this article is for informational purposes and we do not make any health claims or are responsible for any issues that may arise from trying any of the products or recommendations.




5 Mistakes You’ve Been Making With Your Hair

This blog is actually written by our friends at Morocco method.  We carry their raw, organic and vegan hair care products.   We love Morocco Method’s products and use them on a regular basis.


You’ve got your routine. You treat your hair right, or at least you try to. But these common mistakes may be preventing your hair from reaching its full, glorious potential. Because when it comes to to naturally luxurious hair, it’s the little things that really make the difference.

1. Using the Same Shampoo Day In and Day Out

Your scalp is amazing in that it adjusts to what you put on it. Shampoos that regulate oil production are great in the short run, but to maintain your hair’s equilibrium you should be rotating your shampoo at least every week. Rotating shampoos also prevents buildup of certain ingredients.

2. Brushing Hair While Wet

This is especially pertinent to those with curly hair. When your hair follicles get filled with moisture they begin to stretch. Wet hair strands are generally weaker, and breakage is more likely to occur. Allow your hair to air dry before detangling or finger detangle in the shower with a good conditioner, like the Pearl Essence Creme Rinse.

3. Not Wetting Your Hair Enough

We always recommend diluting our shampoos to ease the lather process. The same principle applies to your hair. To get the full effect of your shampoos saturate your strands for a good 3-4 minutes as a pre-shampoo warmup.

4. Not Drying With a T-Shirt

Wringing your hair out with a towel can cause tangles, excessive friction, and breakage. Instead, wrap your hair in a cotton t-shirt, which will dry the strands but not suck up any essential moisturizing agents.

5. Taking Super-hot Showers

Warm water is great in that it opens up your follicles to receive moisture and nourishment from your shampoos and conditioners. But if we leave our follicles open for too long they become susceptible to clogging and buildup. Finish your showers with a cold water rinse. This will close those follicles, sealing in beneficial moisture. Apple cider vinegar, found in our apple cider vinegar shampoo, also acts as a great exfoliate for open follicles.

There you have it! You’re 5 steps closer to naturally beautiful hair. What small tips have you discovered for washing hair? Let us know in the comments below.

You eat raw what?

Do you remember the first time you ate a raw vegan dish?   What was going through your mind?   How did your friends and family react?   How did it make you feel and what made you try it?

We remember the first time we heard about raw food.  It was actually through a friend of ours over 10 years ago.  At that time we were vegan and eating raw food by default – such as salads and whole fruits, but never fathomed making a raw vegan entrée or whole raw vegan meal.  We didn’t even know what that was.

We remember driving around Toronto trying to figure out which vegan restaurant to go to when the phone rang.   It was one of our friends and he suggested trying a small restaurant which served raw food.  We didn’t understand the concept and asked what he meant by raw food.  He said that it was food that was not cooked and vegan, like raw lasagna or pizza or pasta.   We asked how you can eat raw dough, bread or pasta.  That would taste horrible.   He just simply said to go and try it.  So we did.

We remember seeing the menu and still couldn’t understand how you could make lasagna or pizza without cooking it.   There were also salads, fresh juices and smoothies available which we were familiar with.  We decided on the sampler plate and ordered one each along with a fresh juice and salad.


When the food came, the server explained what each creation was.  We had a sample size of pizza made with buckwheat crust and topped with tomato sauce, cheese (made with cashews), zucchini , red peppers and a few other veggies.   There was also a piece of lasagna which zucchini was used as a replacement for the cooked pasta.   We had nori rolls (sushi but with veggies) and some dehydrated chips made from beets and sweet potato.   It looked very interesting and was very close in flavor to the cooked versions.

After that experience we incorporated more raw food into our lives until we decided to go totally raw a few months later.   Our friends and family did not understand the concept but a few were open to the idea and we eventually had a few raw vegan family Holiday meals were everyone enjoyed a raw food dish.   It was fun and exciting preparing all the food for the family occasions.   I still remember a few comments from family members saying that they were already full after only eating half a plate of food.   I guess the dense vitamins and minerals in the organic food satiated them faster than the processed food they were used to.

So don’t be afraid to share your raw food creations with others.   Start off with some sweet creations since everyone loves desserts and then go from there.   You don’t even have to tell them it’s raw J.