Our skin is the largest organ in the body but many people seem to neglect it – especially Men.  Men usually spend less time taking care of their skin compared to most women.  This could be because putting on lotions and creams is not considered “manly”.   This being said, the trend is slowly changing with the advent of many men’s skin care lines and product promotions on main stream media.

General skin care, such as cleaning clogged pores and exfoliating, helps the skin breathe and allows the body to perspire and cool itself down more efficiently.  Lotions help keep the skin hydrated and help protect the skin from harmful environmental stresses.   Not to mention all this care for your skin also helps in keeping you looking younger with less wrinkles.

Keep in mind that your skin also acts like a huge sponge absorbing anything that you put on it.   This being said why not avoid harmful chemical based lotions and skin care products.   If you can’t eat them then why put them on your skin.    So let’s start off with a few products for shaving that are pure with no chemicals, parabens, added colours  or chemical scents.   We have our ISUN Organics men’s line which includes their Refresh Shave Cream and Replenish After Shave lotion.   The shave cream has a nice cooling effect when applied and helps moisturize while providing a nice smooth shave.  The Replenish After Shave lotion helps cool down the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the skin.   All ISUN products are raw, vegan and made with organic or wildcrafted raw/unheated  ingredients.

mens line

So what do we use to wash and hydrate our skin on a daily basis? We love using the Phyto-Cleanse facial washes.  These are gentle on the skin but effective at removing dirt and oil.    These are followed by using the Restore Moisturizer and Repair Serum.  These can be mixed together in the palm of your hand then applied to your face.  Finally, we apply the Renew Peptide eye gel to help reduce puffy eyes and to moisturize the sensitive skin around your eyes.   Personally we recommend cleansing and applying these products in the morning and just before bed.

To help exfoliate and cleanse your pores we recommend the Rhassoul Neem Mask, Vegan Moisturizing Mask or Dead Sea Mud Facial Exfoliant Mask once every couple weeks.  Now don’t forget the rest of your body.  We skin brush our body before taking a bath or shower to remove the dead skin and then apply our MSM lotion afterwards as a full body moisturizer.

All this may seem like a lot of work but after getting into a routine it’s second nature.   So all you men take care of all your outer body parts by checking out our full line of skin care products.

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