I’m sure by now we have all heard of toxic smells, chemicals and pesticides that we should never ingest, but have you ever heard of Toxic Clothing? There used to be a time when clothing was made up of natural fibers that were safe for our skin and our bodies. What many of us have not given thought to is what our clothing now of days is made up of, how is it dyed, what animal are we wearing? Dr. Brian and Dr. Anna Maria Clement are doctors known all around the world. They are most popularly known for operating the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, but are also known for all of the amazing studies they have conducted, the books they have written and the lectures that they have taught. Their background is quite amazing and is something that has inspired us to listen to what they are saying. What Dr. Brian and Dr. Anna Maria Clement have shared about the way clothing is impacting all individuals is really quite amazing and we would now like to share what we have learned with all of our readers!

Did you know that many years ago, the way our clothing was dyed was by natural sources, usually food! The colours of the clothing used to come from vegetables like beets and carrots. Now our clothing is dyed with extremely toxic chemicals that soak right into our skin and our pores. Almost all dyes used typically for clothing, especially commercially-made clothing are synthetic, not made from natural sources. They are made from chemicals that ultimately derive from either coal or petroleum. Dr. Brian Clement tells us that almost all man made bras for woman contain high amounts of oil! That’s right, oil… just like the stuff we put in our cars and this is what is soaking through our pores and into our blood stream. Dr. Brian and Anna Maria also speak about underwear that many women are wearing these days that are advertised to be sexy and fashionable but many of these are made with spandex and other materials that create heat in the genital region and cause many infections such as yeast infections. It is recommended to search for cotton undergarments for both men and woman to avoid harsh chemicals and possibilities of health risks and infections.

Brian and Anna Maria also urge parents to avoid children’s clothing that contains heavy dyes and plastic prints – including those from big fashion brands – because they are likely to contain potentially harmful chemicals. Things to watch for and research when purchasing clothing for children and adults are: dyes, plastic prints, water and oil repellent materials, antibacterial and deodorizing materials and Dacron fabric. Plastic prints might contain phthalate plasticizers, while perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) are usually found in materials designed to repel oil and water. These two chemicals and NPE might interfere with the hormone system and affect reproductive and immune systems which is definitely not something that we want to affect ourselves or our children. These chemicals are not only being used in clothing but also in baby diapers, menstrual pads and tampons etc. These are things that we need to make ourselves aware of and change in our lives to ensure longer healthier lives.

Dr. Brian Clement speaks to the fact that the clothing industry today is a seven trillion dollar a year industry that uses an astounding 8,000 synthetic chemicals. Consumers have been taught to believe the illusion that synthetic fibers in clothing are safe. For over half a century people have been reacting negatively to chemicals interacting with their skin causing disorders like infertility, respiratory diseases, contact dermatitis and, yes, even cancer but we haven’t ever considered the fact that this is simply being caused by the clothing that we dress ourselves in each and every day. The more synthetic clothing we wear, the greater our risk of absorbing toxic chemicals that can precipitate health conditions most often caused by synthetic fibers.

The facts really are quite scary, but thankfully, the solution is not a difficult one! It really is quite easy! All we have to do is STOP wearing synthetic fibers and synthetic clothing… it’s that simple! Sure, this may require a little more thought or consideration when going shopping for clothes but if it is going to affect our overall health, here at Upaya Naturals, we would say it is definitely worth it!! To learn more about all the toxins in our clothing and what we can do to change our lifestyle, check out Dr. Brian Clement and Dr. Anna Maria’s book Killer Clothes. This book reveals in unprecedented detail the toxic truth about the clothes we wear and the surprising number of harmful effects on health caused by garments once considered safe. Readers will learn about the dozens of substances that pose a threat to both human and environmental health and what can be done to protect themselves. We all want to live long healthy lives so if that comes with having to change our attire just a little, we think that’s a pretty small price to pay for such a large benefit!

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