With New Year’s Day coming up, here’s the question: New Year’s resolutions — to be or not to be? And if they are to be, will we keep the ones we make?

Why is it that people make New Year resolutions anyway? In general, a New Year’s resolution is a decision one makes to reform old habits or achieve new goals. One’s success in fulfilling his or her New Year’s resolution depends, to a considerable degree, on the nature of the resolution and the determination of the person making the resolution.

There are endless possibilities for New Year’s resolutions that can range from personal care/habits, family activities/goals to motivation to help others such as people in need, charities or even helping animals and wildlife. Losing weight and improving diet and lifestyle is the most common New Year’s resolution across the globe. Now, setting a resolutions means setting a goal and striving to accomplish that goal, but the goal must also be reasonable and achievable.

For those who may be considering a personal care, diet and or lifestyle resolution, check out some of our recommendations!

The Garden Diet- 21 Day Cleanse

The Garden Diet 21 Day Raw Cleanse is a 100% Raw Vegan Menu Plan with recipes for every meal of the day including Delicious Fresh Foods, Juices, Mylks, Teas, Fruits, and Veggies! Full 21 Day Menu with recipes and shopping lists make going raw easy! The program also inlcludes a fun and highly effective exercise program delivered via online videos. And it also includes a Ground-Breaking 21 Day Well-Being Program cultivating happiness, an often-forgotten but fundamental key to long-lasting health and true beauty! The motivational segment of this program Includes daily journaling exercises and motivational reading to increase your emotional well-being! Click HERE for more information!

sarah before and after The Garden Diet raw food cleanse

The Garden Diet- 28 Days to Raw!

Transition to Raw Food DietEver thought about going Raw or want to but don’t know how? Check this out!! The Garden Diet is an Online Support Program and Virtual Raw Retreat you can do in your own home! A Life-Changing Program to help you easily and safely transition into a Raw Vegan Lifestyle! A balanced raw food, fresh-food-based menu plan with no supplements or superfoods! This simple program is so easy, you can do it in the comfort of your own home and it is definitely achievable! Give it a try and share your testimonials! Click HERE for more information!


Garden Diet- Raw Empowerment Program

Not sure if you can do it? The Garden Diet’s new Raw Empowerment Program will help you make sure you do it—deliciously! The Garden Diet is an effective prevention diet and health-producing lifestyle for almost everyone—even pregnant and nursing mothers, athletes, and children of all ages. The Garden Diet is naturally rejuvenating, anti-aging, and healing, and helps you reach your ideal weight, without counting calories or suffering from cravings! When you eat how Nature intended, you simply return to your natural, healthy shape, almost effortlessly! Click HERE for more information!

These programs are bound to get you excited about your goal and will keep you on track to achieving your New Year’s Resolution! We are all strong individuals that can do anything that we put our minds to and we should prove that to ourselves! Set your New Year’s Resolution and see how great you feel when you reach it!! Go for it!

Here at Upaya Naturals we are always striving to be the best that we can be in our physical well being, diet and lifestyle but we also believe in setting resolutions and goals towards helping others and educating others. Our staff members have set resolutions to help animals in any way possible. This means making possible contributions, educating, researching and more! We are animal lovers and believe that if we can set resolutions to help ourselves than we certainly set resolutions to help others. We share our planet with animals, we encounter them often and they deserve the same respect that we give to human beings.

In the next 3 weeks, stay tuned for our Staff’s Favorites! We will be posting a new blog each week featuring a staff member’s favorite animal. We want to show you what we know about the animals, what we have learned, things we can do for them and some things you may have never known about the animal kingdom! If you are an animal lover then you do not want to miss our upcoming series!


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