November is World Vegan Month! Some people don’t quite understand what it means to be vegan or aren’t sure it is a lifestyle choice that they want to make and that’s okay! You know that plants are good for you. You’ve heard all about how bad meat is for the environment. You sort of get where vegans are coming from. But you’re just not sure that you could go vegan. World Vegan Month is for you!  The aim of the month is to reach out to as many people as possible and encourage you to try some delicious and nutritious vegan food.  It’s pretty much as simple as that! Veganism is a great alternative to eating meat, which we can only get by killing animals!   Furthermore, vegan farming can help us to banish world hunger – it helps protect water reserves, fertile lands, and cuts out greenhouse gas emissions.

What is a Vegan Diet?

A vegan diet is 100% plant-based. Like lacto-vegetarians, vegans do not eat animal flesh or fish, but they also avoid all other animal products, including dairy products, honey and eggs.

Why Vegan?

The prevailing principle behind veganism is to oppose all unnecessary violence. Since it is now indisputable that, to varying degrees, animals share most of the emotions that were once considered unique to people, vegans seek compassionate alternatives to the products of animal exploitation in all areas of their life.It is about trying to live – as far as it is possible – without causing harm to other creatures. There are also health and environmental advantages to a vegan diet.

What Do Vegans Eat?

Pretty much the same as everyone else! For those who like cooking from fresh ingredients, there are delicious recipes available, embracing dietary traditions from around the world. Cakes and puddings can be made easily without eggs and dairy. If you prefer convenience foods, simply replace animal products with the many vegan alternatives that are widely available in health food stores and supermarkets. These include vegan sausages, burgers, bacon, ham/chicken/turkey sandwich slices and fishless fingers, as well as vegan cheeses, milk, ice-creams, margarines and mayonnaise.

There are lots of different options for meals and snacks in the vegan diet that many people aren’t aware of or do not know how to do. A few examples include:

Juicing- Who doesn’t love a glass of fresh juice, a smoothie or shake? Vegans do too! Juicing is an excellent way to enjoy all the fruits. vegetables and greens that you love and it’s as easy as putting your favorite ingredients into a juicer and getting all of the nutrients possible and it is so quick and easy.

Dehydrating- Dehydrating your favorites is so fun and easy! Think about making your own homemade banana chips, fruit roll ups, kale chips and crackers (which you can make from the pulp out of your juicer!). It makes so much sense and isn’t time consuming at all. Using a dehydrator is not like using your oven at all. You put whatever it is that you are dehydrating onto the trays, pop it in, and carry on with your day. You can even dehydrate overnight while you are sleeping!

Being a vegan isn’t just a diet choice, it is a lifestyle choice. It is about taking care of yourself, the people around you, the planet and all of the beings on the planet that are just as important as you and I. It may be a new idea for you and your family to think about but it is a lot of fun and with a little help, you can be loving your vegan lifestyle in no time! Do some research and check out our website for all of the different vegan products, supplements, food and snacks and much much more that we carry.

vegan month - World Vegan Day


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