Ascorbic Acid vs. Vitamin C

Ascorbic Acid vs Vitamin C

This is a common question that comes up when talking about supplying our bodies with vitamin C. We often think about having a glass of orange juice, but also, people purchase “vitamins” called Ascorbic Acid which is supposed to fuel us with Vitamin C but in fact, doesn’t do this at all.

Let’s start with Vitamin C. Most sources equate vitamin C with ascorbic acid, as though they were the same thing. They’re not. Ascorbic acid is an isolate, a fraction, a distillate of naturally occurring vitamin C. In addition, mineral co-factors must be available in proper amounts. If any of these parts are missing, there is no vitamin C and therefore, no vitamin activity. When some of them are present, the body will draw on its own stores to make up the differences, so that the whole vitamin may be present. Only then will vitamin activity take place, provided that all other conditions and co-factors are present.  It’s like a car; when you fill it with gas, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is going anywhere. There are many other factors that impact the car. The engine must be in working order, the spark plugs must be clean, the tires must be pumped up… and the list goes on and on.

With this being said, ascorbic acid is not vitamin C, it is a small attempt at something trying to do the job of something else but does not do the trick. Only vitamin C is true vitamin C and should be taken as so. The next time you are looking for your fix of vitamin C, take a close look at the label to see if it is real and not synthetic.

True food sources of vitamin C are very tasty and quite easy to find. Some of these sources include: guava, red and green sweet peppers, kiwi, orange, pure grapefruit juice, brussel sprouts and cantaloupe. We also have some really great products on our website that are great for you and contain high vitamin C! Check them out below!

Truly Natural Acerola Cherry Powder

Red Raspberry Leaf Powder

Vitamineral Green Powder

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Beyond Berries Part 4

With the seasons changing, we all seem to need a little added energy boost. The temperature is getting a little cooler, the sun does not shine as long as it did a month ago and we are all looking to avoid the cold and flu season. The items below gives us excellent opportunity to maintain the energy that we need and will help us through that dreaded cold and flu season. These will give us the kick we need while providing us tons of other healthy benefits!

Camu Camu Berries- Dried Powder

Camu camu is a native bush to the South American rainforest that produces a fruit containing more vitamin C than any other known botanical source- Some estimate that camu camu berries have 30 times as much vitamin C as oranges! Camu camu is a simple powder that is commonly added to juices, smoothies, raw ice creams, raw desserts or even your plain drinking water. People are most often drawn to this powder because of the amount benefits it provides. Camu camu is most often used to support the immune system (flu season isn’t too far away), maintain excellent eyesight, improve respiratory health and helps maintain optimal clarity of mind in times of stress and anxiety (this something we all need!).  As stated, this powder has so many health benefits and can be added to things that we consume each and every day! We all drink water or juices, consume desserts and hey, why not treat yourself to a breakfast smoothie every once and a while! Yum. Image

Red Raspberry Leaf Powder

Red Raspberry Leaf Powder, also known as rubus idaeus, is a raw, organic berry leaf powder that is a good source of calcium, phosphorus and vitamins A, B, C and E. This powder is most commonly attractive to women because it is popular in helping with painful and heavy periods but also is useful when treating acne and improves skin firmness. Red raspberry leaf powder is commonly used for problems such as diarrhea, heart problems, and fevers. Many have found that by consuming this as a plain tea has alleviated cold and flu and can even be used as a mouth rinse to aid a sore throat. This powder can easily be added to beverages such as juices, water, smoothies and infusions. I bet we can all benefit from this in some way or another and we owe it to ourselves to be healthy! If it helps, why not give it a try!


Açai Powder

The Açai berry is quickly taking over other fruits as the new superfood of choice. Açai berry is the fruit from a special palm tree that grows in the Amazon River rainforest and tastes like a cross between blueberries and chocolate. Acai is considered to be one of the most powerful and nutritious superfoods on the planet and packs more than 10 times the antioxidant properties of red grapes and twice that of blueberries! Some of the benefits of acai are: improved digestive function, supports weight loss, promotes healthy skin and hair, increased stamina and the list goes on and on! Açai is a superfood that I think we can all agree will give us the boost that we need!


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Beyond Berries- Part 3

People always say that our children may be the youngest and the smallest in the house, but they sure are the hardest to please! Are you looking for some healthy alternatives to add into your family’s diet without the hassle or the “ew” or “I don’t like that!”? If so, you have stopped at the right spot. Three berries that we discuss below can be simple, easy and sneaky additions to your family. Simple recipe ideas, easy to use as a replacements of certain snacks or ingredients and sneaky in the sense that they taste fantastic and you will be able to sneak them into recipes without anyone even knowing! Hey, they might even tell you they like the new recipe better!


Hawthorn Berries

These aromatic dried berries have a variety of tastes, depending on the season to please all consumers. The flavour of these berries can range from bland to sweetish tart to very tart. Traditionally, Hawthorn Berries are used to assist with high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, promote the health of the cardiorespiratory system and have also been said to alleviate diarrhea- they really go BEYOND BERRIES! It is very common to avoid using new foods that you do not know much about… but these dried, odd little berries can be used in a variety of different recipes and can even be used to make wine and liqueurs!! Hawthorn berries can also be used to make jams and jellies- and really, whose children don’t love a PP&J Sandwich! Hawthorn Berries are a great source of the B vitamins as well as vitamin C. They are strange looking but have excellent benefits and can be enjoyed by all members of the family!


Schisandra Berries

Schisandra is also known as Magnolia vine with its ability to grow upwards in a creeping fashion. An ornamental plant found in many fine gardens throughout the world, but native to Asian countries. Its Chinese name is wu-wei-zi, which means five taste fruit-they have an usually sour, sweet, bitter, warm, and salty taste, hence the name “five taste”. Studies suggest that schisandra has the ability to help those that suffer from hepatitis however; more commonly, these berries are used to make beyond flavourful fruit juice-can be enjoyed but kids and they don’t even have to know!! These berries target the liver to assist in detoxification, as well as the brain by helping to improve memory and eyesight.


Sundried, Wild Mulberries

Mulberries are a sweet, nutritious and refreshing alternative to raisins or other dried berries. They are very tasty and contain 4 grams of protein in just 1/3 of a cup and they are considered a fruit!! Most people think that meat is the best for of protein but “abracadabra”- wave your little finger! Send the little ones off to school with this sweet treat and they will be smiling all the way home… or take to work to get through that oh so common 3 o’clock crash! Mulberries are an excellent snack for all members of the family and offer a great alternative to other processed and sugary treats. Most commonly, these little guys are added into many baked goods such as pies, cobblers, cookies and even pancakes! They really are a win, win berry and go far BEYOND BERRIES!


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