Are you looking to add a new flavour to your diet? You might want try some of these super fruits.  These berries are not only great in flavour they also contain essential nutrients that are beneficial for your body.

Incan Berries (Golden Berries)

This unique exotic super fruit is grown in South America.  It was traditionally used to help in the treatment of disease, to reduce inflammation and to increase energy levels.  This berry was original consumed as a fresh fruit or one that had been sundried.  Incan berries are an excellent source of fiber, as they contain more fiber per 100 grams than any other fruit available.  This fruit also contains high amounts of vitamin P (bioflavonoids).  Today, these berries are being used to help decrease inflammation, to increase energy levels, and to increase your fiber intake.  Incan berries have a sweet/sour yet tangy taste, making them a great addition to many bake goods and snack foods.  Inca berries are great in fruit cakes, breads, trail mixes or even straight out of the package.  These berries tend to look like a big golden raisin but they are a bit darker in colour.

incan-berriesGoji Berries

This Chinese berry is now a North American sensation.  Goji berries were traditionally used in Chinese medicine to help with kidney and liver functions, lower back pain, and dizziness. The other main use of Goji berries in the past was to promote longevity and youth.  Goji berries today are used to help longevity, inflammation and to help the immune system operate more effectively, as they contain high levels of antioxidants.  Goji berries contain all 18 essential amino acids, and they have the highest amount of protein that can be found in any fruit.  Goji berries have  minerals and vitamins that are essential for your body, such as iron, zinc, vitamin C and many other trace minerals.  Goji berries have a slightly sweet, reminding one of a cross between dried cranberry and raisin, but more subtle in flavour. Goji berries are excellent in trail mixes, added to meals, and in smoothies or snacks.  The suggested serving size is 28 grams per day.  Eating a lot of Goji berries in one day can be toxic to your body and can increase your blood sugar levels to unsafe levels, so keep them in check.  Most Goji berries are very hard when you get them dried, as they have been dried in the sun and cured there to preserve the nutrients.  The Heaven Mountain Goji berries are very moist and tend to have more moisture than other dried Goji berries due to special processing/packaging.


Maqui Berries

This super fruit has been traditionally used to help reduce inflammation, and to help to support a healthy heart.  These berries tend to be grown in Chile.  Today, these berries are used to help increase energy levels, stamina and increase ones strength.  These berries have high levels of antioxidants.  The flavour of Maqui berries tends to be slightly tart or a bit on the bitter side, which can be great when added to a smoothie.  These berries can be mixed in smoothies, trail mixes or just eaten right out of the package. They have a very strong dark pigment that will even overcolour spirulina or chlorella in a smoothie (it will change from a green colour to purple because of the strong pigment).


What berry do you find the most effective for you and why?

Interested in learning about other super fruit berries then stay tuned and check out the blogs over the next few weeks as we take a look at other berries!

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