In today’s society people are not consuming enough greens regardless of their diet.  All diets have deficiencies and with all the radiation and chemicals in the air, and depleted soil, nutrient levels in foods have decreased. Most of the greens that we offer can be added into smoothies, crackers, and even desserts if you are looking to be festive or add some green colour to your food.

Sun Is Shining

This blend of greens is an excellent source of vital nutrients that you may be missing in your  daily diet.  This whole-food supplement contains many different sea and land vegetables, as well as probiotics, and helps to strengthen your immune system.  Sun is Shining is one of the most powerful probiotic (friendly flora) products ever created. It contains over 40 probiotics. Sun is Shining has a slightly green taste.  It is great in smoothies or mixed in water or a juice.  You can also mix into any meal.  Wanting a natural food colouring for your baked goods?  This is an excellent additive for that green colour.  The suggested serving size is 2 tsp. per day.



Spirulina is 65% complete protein, making it the world’s highest known source. Some people find that it has a minor fishy taste but when mixed in smoothies or with a juice most people do not notice any taste.  Spirulina can also be mixed in with your meals and may give your food a green colour.  The suggested serving size is 2 tbsp. per day.


Pure Synergy Superfood

This superfood is a blend of more then 60 different organic ingredients including both land and sea fruits and vegetables. Pure Synergy effectively bridges the many nutritional gaps we all experience to provide enhanced vitality, mental clarity, and that renewed sense of being truly alive and whole again. It is great to use in your smoothies or mixed with juice or even with water.  Some people find that it has a slight “green” taste but most find that it is fairly neutral in flavour.  The suggested serving size is 1 heaping tbsp. per day.


Vitamineral Green

This superfood is great for the immune system, longevity, the liver and kidneys and has many other great benefits for you.  It contains a full spectrum of naturally occurring, absorbable and non-toxic vitamins, minerals, all the essential amino acids (protein), antioxidants, chlorophyll, soluble and insoluble fibers, tens of thousands of phytonutrients, and a plethora of other synergistically bound, organic nutrients.   It is great mixed in water, your smoothies or with a juice and has a slightly green taste.  The average serving size is 1 – 6 tbsp. per day.


Greener Grasses

Greener grasses provides healthy alkaline elements and a large amount of 100% whole food nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace minerals including those that are naturally colloidal and better, chlorophyll, fiber, phytonutrients, and more) This blend tends to have a malty taste instead of the sweet taste that one would expect it to have.  It is great when added to a carrot or citrus juice.  The suggested serving size is 2+ heaping tbsp. per day.


Oceans Alive-Marine Phytoplankton

This natural live super-nutrient can increase your residual energy when it is ingested on a daily basis.  The Marine Phytoplankton has an abundant amount of vitamins and minerals that are in their natural form.  This liquid supplement is best when consumed in water and the suggested serving amount is 15 drops per day.  It has a very neutral flavour.



This single-celled green algae is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and protein and is a great supplement to your diet.  Chlorella is the highest know source of Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is effective in detoxifying the liver and bloodstream, cleansing the bowel and feeding the friendly bowel flora. This neutral flavoured supplement has an number of benefits to your overall health.  The suggested daily amount is 1 – 2 tsp. per day.


Sun Warrior Activated Barley

This pre-spouted barley powder is a great additive to your smoothies, rice milk or any beverage as it has a very neutral taste.  The Activated Barley is great to increase energy levels as well as stabilizing blood sugar levels. It is a excellent supplement to take if you are working out to give you that extra pump that is needed. The suggested serving is 1 tbsp. per day.


Sun Warrior Ormus SuperGreens

This blend of greens is high in protein and vitamins.  The soil that the Ormus Greens are grown is mineral-rich volcanic soil, that is rich with platinum, gold, silver, and ormus trace minerals that give the greens a magnetic property. It is great when added to fruit smoothies as it has a slightly sweet, minty taste.  The suggested serving is 1 – 2 tsp. per day.


Super Green Medley

The Super Green Medley has an all-natural energy boost and can be included in a cleansing and detoxifying regimen. This blend of greens has a very neutral taste and is great mixed in water, smoothies or with your favourite juice. The suggested serving size is 8 grams per day.


Now the question comes, which one is the best?

Well that question can not be answered with a simple answer as our recommendation would be to rotate through different greens to make sure that your body is getting a variety of different nutrients at different dosages.

All of the suggested dosages listed above are those suggested by the manufacturer.  You should consult a registered health care practitioner before adding any new supplement to your diet.

Green Supplement Ingredients Serving Size What to use in
Sun is Shining Barley grass, wheat Grass, nettle leaf, horsetail, alfala, dandelion leaf, oat grass juice, barley grass juice, burdock rood, broccoli juice, spriulina, kelp, dulse etc. 2 tsp. per day Mix in water, smoothies, vegetable and friut juices or mix in meals
Spirulina Spirulina 2 tbsp. per day Mix in water, smoothies, vegetable and friut juices or mix in meals
Pure Synergy Superfood Spirulina, Chlorella, dunaliella, kelp, wheat, grass, barley grass, spinach leaf, kale, bladerwack, dulse, laver, ect. 1 heaping tbsp. per day Mix with water or juice
Vitamineral green Nettle leaf, carob powder, horsetail, tulsi, ginger root, barley grass, moringa leaf, yacon leaf, parsley leaf, spirulina, chlorella, Kelp, Lavar, Dulse, bladerwack ect. 1 – 6 tbsp. depending on person Mix in water, smoothies, fruit or vegetable juices,
Greener Grasses Barley grass, wheat grass, alfalfa juice, dandelion juice, and oat juice. 2 heaping tbsp. per day Mixed into any liquid or food
Oceans Alive- Marine Phytoplanton Marine Phytoplanton 15 drops per day Mixed in water
Chlorella Chlorella powder 1-2 tsp. per day Serve in snacks, water or juice
Sun Warrior Activated Barley Pre-sprouted barley powder 1 tbsp. per day Mix in water, rice milk or any beverage
Sun Warrior Ormus Greens Alfalafa, braley grass, whaet grass, spinach, oat grass, parsley, and yacca, pepermint and stevia 1-2 tsp. mixed into water Mix in water
Super Green Medley Spirulina, Chlorella, wheat grass, barley grass 8 grams/day Mix with water, juice or in smoothies

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