Do you feel disconnect from the earth?  That is because you probably are, with all of the technology and modern advances people are not as grounded as they once were.  The average human does not sleep directly on the ground or walk barefoot outside anymore.  This is creating a disconnect between humans and the earth.  The earth allows people to stay grounded, which can increase sleep levels, energy and overall wellness. The process of Earthing allows the body to connect with the earth’s electrical field.  This allows the body to absorb electrons to adjust back to the level that the earth has and restore what is lost in the body’s metabolic processes.  In order for people to stay grounded in this modern age, Earthing products have been developed, which allow people to stay grounded while sleeping or even at work.

How do they work?

Earthing products can just be plugged into any grounded outlet.  The cord is just plugged into the grounded line of your outlet then snapped into your Earthing product.  Even though it is plugged into your outlet no electricity is transmitted through the cord.  The energy that is being transmitted through the cord is only grounded energy that is designed for human grounding.  The amount of energy that is being transmitted into the body cannot be measured because it is all dependent on the person and how grounded they are.

How will it affect me?

It will all depend on the person and how sensitive they are to energy levels.  Some people feel a slight tingly feeling in their body, while others feel warmth.  Other people have noticed a major difference in how they sleep, or the amount swollen that they have decreases because their blood has better circulation.  Some people notice no differences or if they do they are very subtle, this could be something as small as when you are using a grounding product that you do not sleep as deep or you may not feel like you have as much energy.  If you do not feel anything or notice any changes this does not mean that the product is not working, it just could mean that you are not sensitive to energy levels, or your body is not exhibiting any symptoms or lack thereof that you personally can detect.  The point is that there are no physical signs/symptoms required to ‘make’ the product work.

Blood Analyses have been done on participants before in their ungrounded state, and after a minimum of 15min of using the Earthing product, their blood was analyzed again – with significant differences.  This is an example of how something may change internally, but yet the person may not ‘feel’ anything going on.  Remember, this is not a magical ‘device’ or ‘pill’, so there are no magical effects necessary to know it is working.  We do offer product testers as well to make sure that the device is working.  These are sold separately and included in many of the Earthing products and kits we have available.


We offer a number of different earthing products which will help with grounding.

Bed pads are a pad that is placed across part of your bed.  This product allows you to be grounded when you sleep.  These pads fit king, queen, double and single size beds.  This pad would go over top of your bottom sheet to ensure that part of your skin would be in contact with the pad throughout the night.


Whole Body grounding bag is like a sleeping bag for you to sleep in.  It is excellent from travelling and for athletes who are on the go. This product allows you to ground your entire body, and during times when your body has been through strenuous times, this could be very helpful.


Grounding Mats these mats are multi-purpose and they can be used under a keyboard, and under your desk to place your bare feet on.  This allows you to stay ground while at work or working on a computer.


Have your strained a muscle or have a sore spot? If so you may be interested in the Patch Kit this allows you to centralize the area which becomes grounded first.  This increases the recovery time and allows you to get back to your regular life style quicker. We also carry Body Bands which are an elastic band that can be placed on your torso, knee/thigh and wrist/foot. This allows for grounding while at a desk or even when relaxing on the couch.


Are you grounded? If so what experiences have you had using Earthing products?


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