There are a lot of different products on the market when it comes to hair care.  What is the best shampoo or conditioner for you to use?   Well you want to choose one that cleans your hair, purifies it and helps to reduce the amount of buildup that you have.  Shampoos and conditioners that you can purchase at your local pharmacy or store contain a lot of ingredients that do not provide nutrients for your hair.  These products contain waxes and additives that cause your hair to go greasy and feel dirty.  The artificial scents that are found in regular shampoos can dry out your scalp.

Morrocco Method has a line of shampoos and conditioners that are completely raw, vegan, gluten-free, soy free and contain no GMOs.  Their products are made of all natural ingredients, that are food grade increase the product is digested.  These products help with hair regrowth by unclogging the hair follicles and reducing the build of chemicals on your scalp, excellent for hair loss and thinning.

The shampoo line that Morrocco Method has created is centered on the five elements Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and Air.  Unlike regular shampoos, there is no suds, this gives your hair a deeper clean and makes sure that your hair is chemical free.  When you first start using this line of shampoo you hair takes a while to get used to it.  Your hair maybe very dry and full of tangles, this is because the shampoo is reducing the amount of chemical build up on you scalp.  After a few weeks of using the product the amount of wax you have in your hair and on your scalp will be drastically reduced, allowing for a deep clean.  Your hair may react the opposite way though and at the beginning may become greaser and feel more dirty, this is because it is having a reaction to the product after a while of using the products your hair will adjust to the natural product.  It is recommended that you wash your hair twice when you are using this product.  The first wash is to take all of the chemicals from the hair stands while the second wash is to cleanse the scalp.  To effectively use this product you should rotate through all of the five element shampoos.   The shampoos are available in a Pine Shale, Apple Cider Vinegar, Sea Essence, Earth Essence, and Heavenly Chi.


Morrocco Method has there different types of conditioners you have: you your leave-in conditioners, your wash out conditioners; and deep conditioners.

Leave-In Conditioner

The Morrocco Method conditioner, moisturizing mists and oil are natural and helps to stimulate, rejuvenate and revitalize’s your hair.  These conditioners can be used on your hair when wet or dry, it also adds a shine, while making it easier to manage and style.

Wash-out conditioner

These conditioners treat your hair and scalp after it has been washed.  Using this conditioner after shampooing leaves your hair feeling soft and silky.  Why use a conditioner that will leave your hair feeling greasy and just add unwanted chemicals to your hair when you do not have to?  These conditioners will rejuvenate and increase hair growth.  It is available in two different kinds a Pearl Essence and in Chi.

Deep Conditioning

The Zen Detox that Morrocco Method offers is volcanic ash which will strip all of the chemicals from your hair.  To use this product, you mix it in a bowl with water, until it is the consistency of a thick cream, let the mixture sit over night to allow for the best results.  When you go to use it, create a mask or clay over your hair and leave on for 30-120 minutes, depending on your desired results.  This spa therapy helps to penetrate and purify your hair and scalp from all of the chemicals that it is exposed to on a daily basis.  This detox strips your hair of any harmful chemicals and is a cleanser, which is great if exposed to chlorine or similar chemicals.  After using this detox in our opinion you have a clearer more focused mind, you get an overall sense of having your spirit lifted.


All of these products have many different uses and can be numerous things.  The shampoos are excellent as exfoliates or even as a make-up remover.  All of the products can be used on your pet to make sure that their hair or fur stays as clean as yours. Some people even have been washing their delicate materials like silk with the Morrocco Method shapmoo.

What has your experience been with the shampoos or conditioners on your hair or have you found another use for the products that we should try?


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