Vegans are weird because all they have to eat is tofu and soy milk. Raw Vegans are even more weird because all they do is eat fruit and vegetables, and their diet is mostly made up of celery sticks, bird seed and some twigs.  How disgusting? Boring? etc. This is one of the biggest stereotype out there against vegans and raw vegans.  There are many different food options on the market that raw vegans actually eat, and well.. that really everyone else commonly eats too but without the ‘labels’.  Often when asked what was the best thing someone remembers eating at a social function, it is much more common to hear about this cool salad made from xyz or this amazing dessert made from, etc that often just involve different takes on traditional fare, but based in fruits and/or vegetables.   People need to step outside of the box when it comes to social norms to see the different options that are available.  We carry a selection of snack foods that are raw vegan and do not follow social norms, from chips to chocolate to ice cream.  It’s a big world out there, care to venture out and enjoy some food without all the rules?  Who says that these products have to be made from only what society perceives as normal – have they tried them?

As humans, we all like snack foods and sweets, these foods do not have to be unhealthy though.  Why is it that chips have to be made from potatoes and cooked in fatty oils, last I checked there was no rule about this.  We have many different flavours of chips made from  Kale.  These chips are dehydrated pieces of kale, a vegetable just like a potato is, that are mixed with other ingredients to produce rich flavours.  All of the nutrients and flavours in the original product are still there since they have only been dehydrated at low temperatures and not processed.  And guess what?  You will know what each ingredient is because it is just food, not long mysterious words that we have no idea what it may be, its safety or how it may affect us long term. The kale chips are available in 11 different flavours, from original to chocolate.  Yes chocolate kale chips – they make an excellent sweet snack or dessert.  When was the last time you saw chocolate potato chips on the shelf at your local store?


Everyone has the craving for a sweet baked good, or a piece of  chocolate,  but why do they have to be bad for you or affect your health in a negative way either short or long term?  These products do not have to be high in sugar to satisfy ones craving.  Many different flavours of chocolates are available that are Dairy/Gluten/Soy/Cane Sugar free.  Our sweets are not limited to chocolates, with a wide assortment of cookies, macaroons and brownies and even hard candies, your options are not limited by any means.


When you’re looking for something to snack on it why does society believe that these products have to be packed with unhealthy fats or mysterious preservatives and toxic filler ingredients because they are either industry waste or dirt cheap for big companies to produce? Gone nuts has a product line of healthy mixed nuts, seeds and spices, that are all raw, organic and sprouted.  We also have a variety of trail mixes and bars that are convenient for at work or on the go.  Being a vegan does not mean that you have to stop living your life, it just means that you have to prepare before you leave to go somewhere, just like a lot of other people do who still eat the ‘Standard American Diet’ aka SAD diet.  Growing up, there was never a camping trip that we didn’t have coolers full of food that was prepared or prepped ahead of time, so it is not really much different, a lot of it is perspective and a willingness to leave your ‘comfort zone’ of choices. With these snacks it helps to decrease the amount of preparation time that you have and adds something different to your diet.  With the growing number of options of prepared raw vegan snacks and even raw vegan restaurants, cafes and fresh juicing bars, things are definitely changing.


Want to have ice cream every night? What is stopping you? Nothing is; we offer an ice cream that has about half the fat that a normal dairy ice cream has.  These ice creams are raw hand-cracked cashew based, dairy/gluten/soy/gmo free, which allows you to enjoy these frozen treats whenever you desire.


Raw Vegans are not limited to just fruits and vegetables.  The views of society are skewed and it needs to realize that there are a number of different products available that are not stopping people from enjoying different foods, no matter what type of diet they have.  At the end of it all, your food should be fun and taste great, without detracting from your health!  Just because the media and large corporations are not pitching it, doesn’t mean it is bad tasting.  Ditch the rules and stereotypes from mainstream society and you will see that there are way more options out there than you can possibly imagine.  In fact, we feel there are way more options for food being raw vegan, because we do not have to limit our sources to satisfy the norms.  What is a ‘new’ food that you have eaten and really liked, that you may have once been apprehensive or reluctant to try because it wasn’t made from the ‘usual’ ingredient source accepted in our culture?

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