Are you tired of having to cut up and slice all of your vegetables?  It might be time to finally get a slicer.

There are two main different types of slicers a spiral slicer and the mandolin slicers.

Spiral Slicers

These slicers allow you to slice your vegetables into curly ribbon like pieces that are excellent for making noodles or decorating your salads.

The Vegetable Spiral Slicer (previously known as the spirooli) comes with three different blades.  The blades allow your to make slices at different spacing, you have the option of 1/8 slice, 1/4 slice or a straight blade for ribbon cuts.  The 1/8 and 1/4 blades are good for different thicknesses of pasta.  With this slicer you put the vegetable or fruit on the prongs and turn the handle towards that blades.

Vegetable Spiral Slicer

The Spiral Slicer is excellent when preparing garnishes and decorating dishes.  This slicer works better when the fruit and vegetables are firm.  This slicer takes a little more finess to work efficiently but once you are over the learning curve your dishes will be the talk of the neighbourhood.  If you are wanting to prepare thin pastas like angle hair this is the slicer for you.

Spiral Slicer

These are all good slicers, it all depends on what you are looking to do with your slicer to make your final decision.  If you are wanting more decorative pieces and thinner pasta then I would recommend the smaller Spiral slicer.

Mandolin Slicers

These slicers are different from the spiral slicers because you are actually slicing the fruit or vegetable over the blade instead of just turning a handle.

The Kyocera Mandolin Slicer

This slicer creates shorter slices than the above slicers because the length of each slice is only as long as the vegetable.  This slicer has four different settings for different thicknesses, from 0.5 mm to 3 mm in thickness.  The other benefit that this slicer has is that it has a ceramic blade. Ceramic blades are 50% harder then steel, these blades stay sharper longer then non-ceramic blades.


Asian Mandolin Plus

This mandolin slicer comes with four different blades to create straight cuts to a fine tooth blade that allows you to create elegant garnishes.  This slicer is used by many professionals chefs, due to its versatility.  The thickness of the fruits and vegetables can range from 1/8 inches thick to hair thin.  The added benefit that this slicer has over the regular mandolin slicer is that there is a holding container for your fruit and vegetables underneath the blade.

asian mandolin 3

If you are looking for other items that will help with your slicing needs we also carry a pineapple slicer and ceramic knives.

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