So you have decided to start juicing.  Not sure where to begin when making the choice on what one to purchase?

The main question is what will you be juicing?

There are 5 main types of juicers.  Each type of juicer has its own purpose and what it is the best for.

Manual Juicers

These juicers are good for wheat grass and other vegetables.  Manual juicers allow you to extract a higher quality juice from the ingredients that you are using.  Manual juicers rely on human force to create the juice as they are not electric.  This can be very difficult and require effort to make the juice all depending on the products that you want to juice.   Manual Juicers are great for traveling as you can still make your juice even when you do not have a power source.   Manual juicers are not the best for fruit as the auger gets clogged easily.  Manual Juicers tend to be used mostly for wheat grass and leafy vegetables.  These juicers can handle some fruits but there are definitely better juicers on the market if you are looking into juicing fruits.ZST-010-2

Centrifuge Juicers

If you are going to be juicing a lot of fruits, then you should consider a centrifuge juicer.  These juicers tend to have a larger opening to place the fruit and vegetable into.  This allows to to take less time to prepare them as they do not have to be cut up as small.  When deciding on what Centrifuge Juicer you should get you should definitely consider purchasing one that has a pulp ejection shoot.  As this allows the pulp to be separated and released from the juicer instead of clogging it up.  Centrifuge Juicers are not suitable for juicing wheat grass and leafy greens.


Single-Auger Juicers

These juicers can have many different purposes.  Each model has different functions that all serve their own purpose.  Single Auger Juicers  come in two different types, a vertical and a horizontal model.  The difference between the horizontal and the vertical juicers is the direction that the auger is within the juicer.  The single auger takes the produce and crushes it against the walls or the screen to produce your juice.  Through this process there is very little oxidation that takes place.


Single Auger Juicers that are horizontal are good for fruits,  vegetables, leafy greens and wheat grass.  With these juicers you can also make frozen products like ice cream.  The most versatile horizontal juicer is the Omega 8006 or 8004 model (the difference being the colour: 8004 model is white & the 8006 model is a silver colour).



The single auger juicers that are vertical do have a benefit.  If you are looking for a juicer that is more compact and takes up the little space, then you might want to look further into this type.  The vertical juicers are not the best for greens, or wheat grass.


Twin Gear Juicers

These juicers are for the more experienced juicers.  The twin gear juicers are similar to the horizontal single auger juicers expect instead of having one auger they have two.  The produce that you are juicing is put through both augers to shred it then it is squeezed to get the juices out. These juicers are good for wheat grass, leafy greens and vegetables.  Fruits can be used in these juicers they just require more finesse as you have to alternate between fruits and vegetables,  to make sure that the augers are cleaned out.


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