People often ask us our opinion on certain products we carry, which ones do we like best, what are our most popular items etc.  so here we will list a few of those very products.  Our favs and your favs, items that fly of the shelves and things that lots of us just can’t live without!!

Tonic Alchemy is amazing, this tonic superfood blend is perfection in a smoothie.  With just one serving a day we get to increase our mental energy, fortify and strengthen our immune systems, detoxify our bodies, improve our digestion and enjoy a great tasting beverage!!
Tonic Alchemy is cutting edge, with powerful ingredients coming from all over the world, land and sea.  You are getting 71 amazing ingredients in one little scoop.  It great to know that we can  get protein, vitamins, fibre, fats, greens and so many other amazing nutrients in just one spoonful a day.  Adding it to a smoothie is an easy way to insure the days nutrition.  This blend includes ( just to name a few) Reishi Mushroom, Astragalus ( bot great for the immune system), Rhodiola, Gynostemma ( great for energy) , green juice blends, vegetable juice blends, sprouts, sea vegetables and much more.  Antioxidants, anti- inflammatories, probiotics and so much more.
This product is a must.

We don’t promote this simply because it is our product but honestly it is because of the amazing quality and benefits that it has to offer.  Sesame Seed oil is high in calcium, Vitamin E, B Vitamins, proteins and healthy fats.  It has amazing healing properties and is used successfully in treating many ailments.  It is anti fungal, Anti bacterial and anti inflammatory.  Used topically it has benefits for various skin complaints, cuts, scrapes etc.  Also diaper rash, dry scalp and skin burns.  The benefits from this oil are wide and powerful.  It can be used on its own or incorporated into many amazing Raw Food dishes.  Also a great oil to be used for Oil Pulling Therapy!!

With summer approaching a good book to read by the water or just relaxing out in the sun is always welcome.  David Wolfes new book is perfect.  If you dont already include ” Medicinal Mushrooms” in your diet, read this book and see why you should.  Such a powerful read giving great info on the amazing power of the ever fabulous Mushroom!!

The Reishi Mushroom is thankfully becoming more popular, endless healing properties and a vast nutritional profile this Reishi Tincture is great.  Known as an immune booster people who take these drops daily report fewer colds and flus and general immune strength.  Less stress, better concentration, better sleep, increased energy and so much more are all things that people report with use of this product.  Super easy to use, and can be taken with you anywhere you go and taken throughout the day.  See what everyones talking about and grab a bottle or two.

Cuppow Lids have been flying off the shelves too.  As soon as they were introduced they took off!!  For those of you out there who like us love to enjoy your green juice in a mason jar this is a must.  A BPA free perfect fitting lid so that you can enjoy your drink wherever you go.  Super simple and easy to use.

Always popular, we love Oceans Alive Phytoplankton as much as you do!!  With an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and life force experience this ” whole body” inner strength!!  Phytoplankton helps the skin, strengthens the immune system, defends against radiation, improves heart function and does so much more.  Only a few drops are needed each day, and it is easily added to any drink of choice.  Convenient, easy to use and nutritionally abundant, 5 stars indeed!!!!!!!!

Well that captures a few favourites, hopefully we have answered some of your questions and maybe offered a few ideas that you might enjoy as well.
what are some of your store favourites/ must haves?


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