With our talk last week on detoxing and cleansing we thought we’d get a little more in depth this week about one very popular detox method that we know many of you already practice and maybe many others will once they find out a little more. We are talking about Dry Brushing today 🙂 
Dry brushing is basically an exfoliating technique for the skin. Using a dry, natural bristled brush one brushes the entire body ( from bottom to top generally, and finishing at the heart).

We all know our skin cells build up over time and that exfoliating helps remove these cells and gives our skin a healthy glow. People often focus on there faces when it comes to exfoliating but truly the whole body benefits from this technique. Dry Brushing increases blood flow and circulation and helps enhance the detoxification process through the skin. Perfect during a time of cleanse but ideally practiced a few times a week to reap the benefits year round. Dry brushing can add a sort of ” energetic” feeling to the body, the increase of blood flow can cause this and therefor it is great when practiced in the morning. Best avoided right before bed for the same reason. It takes about 5 minutes and should easily be squeezed into most peoples morning routine no problem.

The benefits to dry brushing include:
` Of course the skin looks healthier when the dead skin cells are removed. Often feeling softer and opening the pores allowing them to breath better.
`Possible reduction in cellulite, increasing the blood circulation helps to break down and release the toxins that cause cellulite in the first place.
`The immune system is boosted anytime the body detoxifies. This allows our bodies to get stronger and healthier over time.
` Dry brushing can feel like a total body massage and is a great stress relief. It rejuvenates the nervous system and can help up lift a person mood as well.


Starting with your feet, move your brush in a circular motion upwards towards the heart. Do one leg and then the next, one arm and the next, the back the stomach and then finish by the heart. Jumping in the shower afterwards is ideal but not necessary. Be sure to stay clear of super sensitive areas, as well avoid dry brushing if you have a rash or irritation on the skin as it can be aggravated by the motion. You may need to test a few different types of brushes as some peoples skin is more sensitive than others and a harder brush may or may not be for you. Redness afterwards is normal as is a bit of swelling as the blood is seriously flowing beneath!!

A very simple addition to your routine that can have amazing benefits, why not try it!!


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