Detoxes are cleanses ( which are virtually the exact same thing) are quite popular this time of year, with spring upon us and summer just around the corner people generally take this time to prep their bodies for the upcoming beautiful weather. It may be to try and shed a few extra pounds or simply just to feel better. A good cleanse can always help on both those levels. For “seasoned cleansers” you know what we mean!! Those that are new to trying this may be discouraged to start as it is quite common to feel rather sluggish, tired and just not well during the beginning stages of a cleanse. This is normal and is your bodies way of getting rid of the toxins that have built up. It quickly passes and is so worth it in the end. 

We thought why not share a few tips to get you on your way if this is a path you are thinking about going down this spring 🙂
While many detoxes and cleanses do vary these are just simple tips that generally apply across the board.

` Drinking water is important anytime, but a nice glass of room temp water with lemon first thing in the morning is great to help gently stimulate digestion. Drinking plenty of water through out the day is also key in helping the body quickly rid itself of the many toxins inside. Try to avoid super cold water, the body digests room temperature better.

`Get rid of and stop using household goods and products that contain harmful ingredients. This includes personal care products as well, we often don’t think about how what we put onto our bodies can benefit or burden them just as what we put in. 

`In general it is wise to reduce your toxin exposure, so try and avoid make up and body care products with harmful chemicals as well as staying in smoke free environments etc.

` It is wise to avoid plastics, aluminum and nonstick wares when storing or cooking ( for those that do) food. Great alternatives are porcelain, glass and ceramic. 

` Of course when cleansing you will be changing what you eat, no processed foods, meats, dairy, gluten or foods with ingredients such as colourings, chemicals or additives. ( if these are things you still include in your diet ) Focus on organic fruits and veggies, juices and smoothies are awesome during cleansing periods!! ( Well heck when are they not!!)

` Why not buy a few great plants for your house, office or wherever you spend your time, choose kinds that help to filter the air or pollutants. Spider plants, ivy and aloe vera are a few great examples of these types of plants. Aloe is great for so many reasons, so this one is a fabulous choice.

` There are also plenty of books and detox kits that can help you on your journey. Some contain added supplements to help the body eliminate toxins as well as supplements to help boost your energy during the detox period. 

We have plenty of great Detoxing and Cleansing supplies and support in store 🙂

Keep an open mind, focus on your goals and put yourself and your health first and this could prove a very beneficial decision for you that you may even find yourself looking forward to doing next time around. 

Are you seasoned Detoxer?? Is it something you rely on to keep your body feeling its best?Image


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