Fabulous Favourites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People often ask us our opinion on certain products we carry, which ones do we like best, what are our most popular items etc.  so here we will list a few of those very products.  Our favs and your favs, items that fly of the shelves and things that lots of us just can’t live without!!

Tonic Alchemy is amazing, this tonic superfood blend is perfection in a smoothie.  With just one serving a day we get to increase our mental energy, fortify and strengthen our immune systems, detoxify our bodies, improve our digestion and enjoy a great tasting beverage!!
Tonic Alchemy is cutting edge, with powerful ingredients coming from all over the world, land and sea.  You are getting 71 amazing ingredients in one little scoop.  It great to know that we can  get protein, vitamins, fibre, fats, greens and so many other amazing nutrients in just one spoonful a day.  Adding it to a smoothie is an easy way to insure the days nutrition.  This blend includes ( just to name a few) Reishi Mushroom, Astragalus ( bot great for the immune system), Rhodiola, Gynostemma ( great for energy) , green juice blends, vegetable juice blends, sprouts, sea vegetables and much more.  Antioxidants, anti- inflammatories, probiotics and so much more.
This product is a must.

We don’t promote this simply because it is our product but honestly it is because of the amazing quality and benefits that it has to offer.  Sesame Seed oil is high in calcium, Vitamin E, B Vitamins, proteins and healthy fats.  It has amazing healing properties and is used successfully in treating many ailments.  It is anti fungal, Anti bacterial and anti inflammatory.  Used topically it has benefits for various skin complaints, cuts, scrapes etc.  Also diaper rash, dry scalp and skin burns.  The benefits from this oil are wide and powerful.  It can be used on its own or incorporated into many amazing Raw Food dishes.  Also a great oil to be used for Oil Pulling Therapy!!

With summer approaching a good book to read by the water or just relaxing out in the sun is always welcome.  David Wolfes new book is perfect.  If you dont already include ” Medicinal Mushrooms” in your diet, read this book and see why you should.  Such a powerful read giving great info on the amazing power of the ever fabulous Mushroom!!

The Reishi Mushroom is thankfully becoming more popular, endless healing properties and a vast nutritional profile this Reishi Tincture is great.  Known as an immune booster people who take these drops daily report fewer colds and flus and general immune strength.  Less stress, better concentration, better sleep, increased energy and so much more are all things that people report with use of this product.  Super easy to use, and can be taken with you anywhere you go and taken throughout the day.  See what everyones talking about and grab a bottle or two.

Cuppow Lids have been flying off the shelves too.  As soon as they were introduced they took off!!  For those of you out there who like us love to enjoy your green juice in a mason jar this is a must.  A BPA free perfect fitting lid so that you can enjoy your drink wherever you go.  Super simple and easy to use.

Always popular, we love Oceans Alive Phytoplankton as much as you do!!  With an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and life force experience this ” whole body” inner strength!!  Phytoplankton helps the skin, strengthens the immune system, defends against radiation, improves heart function and does so much more.  Only a few drops are needed each day, and it is easily added to any drink of choice.  Convenient, easy to use and nutritionally abundant, 5 stars indeed!!!!!!!!

Well that captures a few favourites, hopefully we have answered some of your questions and maybe offered a few ideas that you might enjoy as well.
what are some of your store favourites/ must haves?


Raw Cacao Lime Pie!!! :)

Hello friends, hope everyone had a great long weekend.  Maybe some relaxation? Or some experimenting in the raw kitchen??  We did just that!!  A combination of relaxing and “uncooking”!  Not every recipe we try to come up with works perfectly and trial and error is often the way to go , so coming up with a new yummy raw pie to serve to friends this past weekend was both fun and stressful, but we did it!!  And might we add in the first try in record time!!  So with it being such a hit ( raw vegan and non vegans enjoyed it with us) we thought we’d share it with you.

One of our go to pies for events happens to be Raw Key Lime pie, especially in the warmer months.  It seems to be something that most everyone ends up devouring no matter what their diet lifestyle consists of.  But we decided to switch from our usual “go to” and add a bit of flare to this one.

We went with the every amazing cacao to do the job!!  So thus we have a Raw Cacao Lime Pie.  Simply delish, please do try it yourselves and let us know what you think.

Raw Cacao Lime Pie

For the crust:

2 cups of raw pistachios( soaked and dried beforehand) 

1 cup of shredded raw coconut

A handful ( approx. 10) raw dates

1/2 teaspoon of vanilla powder

1/4 teaspoon salt 

We used a spring form pan for this pie and do recommend it but if you dont have one handy using something else is just fine.  Coat your pan with coconut oil and process all the ingredients minus the dates into a fine crumble, then add the dates until things start to stick together.  Firmly press your crust to the bottom of the pie plate and place in fridge while working on the other 2 layers.  

Pie Filling:

2 cups of raw soaked cashews or 1 cup of cashews and 1 cup of thai coconut.  We had lots of coconut meat around so we went with that. 

1/2 cup of coconut water if using the thai coconut meat, otherwise filtered water will do 🙂

2 Avocados, nice and soft.

1/2 cup of lime juice ( fresh of course)

Zest from two limes as well

1/2 cup of meted coconut oil

1/2 cup of coconut nectar ( again another sweetener will do but we love our coconut nectar!!)

1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder

1 tablespoon tocotrienols ( again not necessary but we love adding a few ingredients that pack a more nutritional punch so the vitamin E in here is great, also it helps bind things quite nicely)

Blend all of these ingredients together until smooth and creamy.  Take half of the mixture out and add 1/2 cup of raw cacao powder to it, once blended up this layer can be spread over top of the crust and the other layer of the pie is the other half of the coconut/cashew cream mixture.  So you finish with a greenish crust, a layer of cacao goodness and a yummy lime green on top!!  Garnish the pie as you like, coconut shreds, pistachio pieces, fresh lime etc.  Be creative and have fun.  Be sure to have the pie chilled for a few hours before serving and it can be enjoyed for about 5 days after being made, slightly longer if you decide to freeze it 🙂 

Hope you like it!!!!!!  


Dry Brushing: Your Skin Will Thank You!! :)

With our talk last week on detoxing and cleansing we thought we’d get a little more in depth this week about one very popular detox method that we know many of you already practice and maybe many others will once they find out a little more. We are talking about Dry Brushing today 🙂 
Dry brushing is basically an exfoliating technique for the skin. Using a dry, natural bristled brush one brushes the entire body ( from bottom to top generally, and finishing at the heart).

We all know our skin cells build up over time and that exfoliating helps remove these cells and gives our skin a healthy glow. People often focus on there faces when it comes to exfoliating but truly the whole body benefits from this technique. Dry Brushing increases blood flow and circulation and helps enhance the detoxification process through the skin. Perfect during a time of cleanse but ideally practiced a few times a week to reap the benefits year round. Dry brushing can add a sort of ” energetic” feeling to the body, the increase of blood flow can cause this and therefor it is great when practiced in the morning. Best avoided right before bed for the same reason. It takes about 5 minutes and should easily be squeezed into most peoples morning routine no problem.

The benefits to dry brushing include:
` Of course the skin looks healthier when the dead skin cells are removed. Often feeling softer and opening the pores allowing them to breath better.
`Possible reduction in cellulite, increasing the blood circulation helps to break down and release the toxins that cause cellulite in the first place.
`The immune system is boosted anytime the body detoxifies. This allows our bodies to get stronger and healthier over time.
` Dry brushing can feel like a total body massage and is a great stress relief. It rejuvenates the nervous system and can help up lift a person mood as well.


Starting with your feet, move your brush in a circular motion upwards towards the heart. Do one leg and then the next, one arm and the next, the back the stomach and then finish by the heart. Jumping in the shower afterwards is ideal but not necessary. Be sure to stay clear of super sensitive areas, as well avoid dry brushing if you have a rash or irritation on the skin as it can be aggravated by the motion. You may need to test a few different types of brushes as some peoples skin is more sensitive than others and a harder brush may or may not be for you. Redness afterwards is normal as is a bit of swelling as the blood is seriously flowing beneath!!

A very simple addition to your routine that can have amazing benefits, why not try it!!


Detox Your Body !!


Detoxes are cleanses ( which are virtually the exact same thing) are quite popular this time of year, with spring upon us and summer just around the corner people generally take this time to prep their bodies for the upcoming beautiful weather. It may be to try and shed a few extra pounds or simply just to feel better. A good cleanse can always help on both those levels. For “seasoned cleansers” you know what we mean!! Those that are new to trying this may be discouraged to start as it is quite common to feel rather sluggish, tired and just not well during the beginning stages of a cleanse. This is normal and is your bodies way of getting rid of the toxins that have built up. It quickly passes and is so worth it in the end. 

We thought why not share a few tips to get you on your way if this is a path you are thinking about going down this spring 🙂
While many detoxes and cleanses do vary these are just simple tips that generally apply across the board.

` Drinking water is important anytime, but a nice glass of room temp water with lemon first thing in the morning is great to help gently stimulate digestion. Drinking plenty of water through out the day is also key in helping the body quickly rid itself of the many toxins inside. Try to avoid super cold water, the body digests room temperature better.

`Get rid of and stop using household goods and products that contain harmful ingredients. This includes personal care products as well, we often don’t think about how what we put onto our bodies can benefit or burden them just as what we put in. 

`In general it is wise to reduce your toxin exposure, so try and avoid make up and body care products with harmful chemicals as well as staying in smoke free environments etc.

` It is wise to avoid plastics, aluminum and nonstick wares when storing or cooking ( for those that do) food. Great alternatives are porcelain, glass and ceramic. 

` Of course when cleansing you will be changing what you eat, no processed foods, meats, dairy, gluten or foods with ingredients such as colourings, chemicals or additives. ( if these are things you still include in your diet ) Focus on organic fruits and veggies, juices and smoothies are awesome during cleansing periods!! ( Well heck when are they not!!)

` Why not buy a few great plants for your house, office or wherever you spend your time, choose kinds that help to filter the air or pollutants. Spider plants, ivy and aloe vera are a few great examples of these types of plants. Aloe is great for so many reasons, so this one is a fabulous choice.

` There are also plenty of books and detox kits that can help you on your journey. Some contain added supplements to help the body eliminate toxins as well as supplements to help boost your energy during the detox period. 

We have plenty of great Detoxing and Cleansing supplies and support in store 🙂 http://www.upayanaturals.com/Supplements_s/37.htm

Keep an open mind, focus on your goals and put yourself and your health first and this could prove a very beneficial decision for you that you may even find yourself looking forward to doing next time around. 

Are you seasoned Detoxer?? Is it something you rely on to keep your body feeling its best?Image

Awesome Oils: The Final Four :)

Alright time to share the benefits of our last 4 amazing Raw Oils!!   In the weeks past we shared with you a product in store that we are very proud of.  Not just because it is ours, but because the process in which these oils are made leaves it with full integrity allowing the benefits and nutrients to be fully available in the body.
In a world with so many processed unhealthy options surrounding us isn’t it nice to feel good about what you put into your body 🙂  We sure think so.

Lets talk about our Cilantro Seed Oil,  what a lovely warm, sweet and spicy aroma this oil gives off.  Though let us start of by warning you that this oil should be taken in small amounts.  Use it with caution and limit yourself to only approx. 3-6 drops per serving, it is powerful stuff!!  This oils warming effects are useful in alleviating muscle aches and pains related to arthritis as well as pains and strains from exercise or everyday wear and tear.  Also helpful with digestive issues, fatigue and exhaustion.  Did you know that Coriander Oil is also known to be a powerful analgesic ( an agent that reduces pain)?  The oil has been shown to be effective in treating headaches, tooth aches and other muscle, joint and body pains, how cool is that 🙂   One of our favourite properties this oil has to offer is that it is great as a deodorant, it can help clear bad breath as well as body odour, and it does so naturally.  Big fans of that!!  Mix it with a bit of water and swish it around in your mouth for a great mouth wash.   There really are so many benefits that this oil can offer, it could be worth a try 🙂  Just remember to enjoy it sparingly!

Sunflower Seed Oil, this oil is great because its flavour can enhance so many recipes.  We use it often and love it!!  Marinating mushrooms in the oil along with a little seaweed and topping a raw pizza is fabulous!!  Sunflower Seed Oil is the richest source of Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that helps protect and repair the delicate cells of the body.  It is also packed with healthy fats and consumption has been shown to lower cholesterol levels when used on a regular basis.  Sunflower Oil contains many great vitamins and minerals as well.  This oil is not only fabulous for use when taken internally but has so many great benefits when applied directly to the skin as well.  It has been used in skin care products for years and when applied directly to ones skin it creates a great moisturizer.  It can soothe skin irritations and even help heal acne.  We just love a product that has so many uses!!  

Another of our Oils packed high in Vitamins and Minerals in our Pumpkin Seed Oil.   Loads of Vitamins, A, C, E, D, K B6, B2, and B1.  Pumpkin Seed Oil also contains nutrients like calcium, zinc, magnesium, potassium and iron.  Like most all our other oils this one helps regulate cholesterol levels as well.  It can also help reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.  High in zinc Pumpkin Seed Oil can help maintain prostate health.  It helps reduce the symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.  Bladder problems have also seen vast improvements with the consumption of this oil.  May be a good one to have in the kitchen for the important men in your life 🙂

Peanuts are delicious, a lot of people tell us they miss the tastes of peanut butter etc when they have changed their diet.  The thing is we know that peanuts contain aflatoxins, which is basically a toxic mold.  Not cool!!  So we know its worth skipping out on!  However we have found a great substitute in our Jungle Peanut Oil.  Testing of our peanuts revealed absolutely no aflatoxins at all, hurray!!  This yummy tasting oils contain a whopping 26% protein, oh ya we sure do get enough protein in our diets!!

Get creative with this oil, it has a great exotic nutty flavour that is fabulous in endless ways!!  Try it in a sauce for your raw collard wraps, we can’t stop at just one when we have this dip on hand!!!!!!

So that about sums up our Oils, we really feel deeply about these oils and hope you will give a few a try.  Its a great way to add variety to your raw kitchen while knowing you are consuming only the very best.

We’d love to know if you’ve tried any of our oils and if so which ones and what did you think?