If you read last weeks blog we hope you liked our introduction to our amazing Raw OIls. ( if you have not yet read it we suggest you do)!!  Our Raw oils are quite profound, the processing makes them retain so much of their nutritional profile and the tastes and options for use are truly endless.  We went on last week to explain in detail a few of our oils and we would like to get in depth about a few more this week and next.  

Flax Seed OIl is quite popular, because as we know Flax Seed are packed with vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.  Our Flax Oil differs from most because our exclusive pressing processing guarantees that our oils are raw with all their nutritional benefits intact.  Our Oils also have a long shelf life when stored properly, we preserve them in Miron glass which offers the best protection from the harmful affects light can have on the potency of the oils.   They will not go rancid when stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.  

Our Flax oil is packed with magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium, calcium and phosphorus.  Vitamins B6 B3 and K can also be found in Flax Seeds.  As well as traces of Vitamin C and E.   With regular consumption Flax Seed Oil can help with cholesterol reduction, toxic build up in the bowels, skin breakouts, it acts as a natural joint lubricant and therefor is great for helping alleviate pain associated with arthritis and other painful condition.  It can help improve digestion, enhance the health and quality of ones hair, skin and nails.  Flax has been shown to also improve the power of the brain, allowing for better concentration, as well as improved cognition and memory.  This oil is also great at helping reduce injury and is very popular among athletes.

Flax Oil is fabulous on salads,  and a nice addition to many raw dip recipes.  It can easily be added to any smoothie, making it great for a post workout nutritional punch.  Drizzle it on top of sliced avocado and tomato for a quick healthy snack.


We also carry both Black and White Sesame Seed Oils,  the black variety of sesame seeds yield the best quality of oil and is also best suited for medicinal purposes. Both Oils contain fabulous health benefits and are a great addition to everyones cupboards ( and bodies!!)

Our oils are high in Vitamin E, did you know that Vitamin E can help reduce the risk of heart disease and may also help protect the body from certain cancers? 

The Vitamin B family is such an essential nutrient for our bodies, responsible for things like energy, digestive health, healthy blood and nerve systems etc. Black sesame Oils is high in multiple forms which is great!

Sesame Oil has been used as a healing oil for so many years,  it is a natural antibacterial and anti viral.  It is a potent antioxidant and it penetrates into the skin quickly making it a great option for topical uses as well as internally.  

Its external uses include and are not limited to the treatment of lice, psoriasis,  calming sun and wind burns,  athletes foot, prevention and treatment of diaper rash and oh so much more.  Youve really got to try this one for yourself, its a must in our kitchen as well as out first aid kit.  

If you follow our blogs weekly you will remember that a few weeks back we talked about Oil Pulling Therapy( feel free to refer back to the blog if need be), anyway with the great benefits that Sesame Oil offers it makes it the perfect choice of oil for this therapy.  It can kill and prevent so many bacteria present in the mouth and throat and is a great treatment for gingivitis.


Try for yourself and reap the benefits.

Sesame oils has a lovely flavour, though the raw variety is far more pleasing than the often harsh strong tastes of roasted, highly processed varieties.  It is simply awesome used in raw cabbage salads,  it is a great addition to many dips and sauces, we love using it in our dip when we enjoy raw sushi rolls.  Great in hummus, and raw asian veggie wraps, this oil seriously is a staple.  It has so many uses and benefits we cant speak highly enough about its wonder.  Go ahead and grab yourselves a few bottles and let us know how much you love it!!

Have you already or will you try using Sesame Seed Oil for Oil Pulling Therapy?


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