We have all heard the sentence ” eat your veggies” and likely for most of us we obey.  We not only know they are good for us, but happen to just love them as well.  Some of us know the amazing nutritional value in the vegetables we consume but some of us do not.  Here is a list of some fabulous  green veggies that we love and what nutrients and values they provide to us 🙂  Who knows maybe you can even convince others to eat a few more too!

Why we love Spinach: It is high in fibre, protein, iron, calcium, potassium and Vitamins A, C, E and K.  This green veggie is so versatile, perfect in fresh juices and smoothies and a great base for any salad.

We also love Arugula, it has a nice sort of nutty flavour that adds great tastes to salads and a top raw sandwich breads.  Arugula is like spinach and is high in protein, fibre, calcium and iron.  It also contains Vitamins A, C, K and some B vitamins too.

Another popular green vegetable, often a successful choice for kids as well is the lovely cucumber.  Cucumbers are 95% water  therefor great for keeping the body hydrated and eliminating toxins.  They have great anti inflammatory properties as well, we’ve all seen a picture of someone ( or done it ourselves) with cucumbers placed over ones eyes to decrease the puffiness. Cucumbers also contain phytochemicals that can help kill bacteria in the mouth that leads to bad breath.  Sipping on cucumber infused water is great for this.  Sliced up cucumbers go great with raw hummus and any other kind of dips of choice. 

Collard Greens, related to kale and cabbage seem to be a staple in a lot of raw kitchens.  They make the perfect base for a veggie wrap.  Collards are an excellent source of folate ( essential for pregnant women), very high in Vitamins A, C and K as well as B vitamins.  Collards also contain iron, calcium, zinc and many more minerals.  

Sticking with the colour green another favourite is broccoli,  a nice crunchy veggie that contains glucoraphanin, a substance that helps our skin detoxify and repair itself.  Broccoli contains both calcium and Vitamin K which makes it great for our bones.  Also abundant in Vitamin C it helps fight free radicals.

One of our most favourite greens, and so popular these days for obvious reasons would have to be Kale!!  Hail to the Kale, we love you so much!!  Kale is jam packed with iron, it is an anti inflammatory food and is also high in antioxidant vitamins.  Kale is filled with fibre and sulfur which make it a great detoxifying food choice.  Awesome in juices, its a must have for so many everyday and we totally understand why 🙂

Everything we eat either has a positive or negative reaction in our bodies, what we choose to eat is very important.  Keep your nutrition high and your meals tasty with some of these amazing green vegetables!!

What is your favourite green veggie and how do you like to eat it?Image

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