If you are like us and so many others, then you love making/enjoying your own homemade raw nut milks!! So many amazing nutritious varieties to choose from, tasty, versatile and always good for us 🙂
One of our favs would certainly have to be Raw Brazil Nut Milk. Yes it tastes great but it goes further than that. Brazil Nuts are loaded with beneficial nutrients. This nut is considered a complete vegetarian protein as it has a full amino acid profile ( so for all those meat eaters out there who think you may not get enough protein simply mention the Brazil Nut!!) Also the Brazil Nut is one of the richest sources of selenium, a sometimes hard to find nutrient. By consuming just 2 Brazil nuts you can get the recommended daily dose, pretty great!! Selenium is a nutrient that’s deficiency has been linked to heart and prostate issues as well as cancers and immune system disturbances. Just 2 Brazil Nuts a day, why the heck not! Along with protein and selenium Brazil Nuts are a great source of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium and B Vitamins. Keep in mind that It is important to buy your Raw Brazil Nuts from a reputable health food store and get them without shells ( as the shells do contain aflatoxins). You want to store them in the fridge as they are a nut very high in fat and there for more susceptible to rancidity. So just care for them properly and they will do the rest, as far as the nutrient content that is 🙂

Brazil Nut milk can be made just the same way as any other raw nut milk you make. This one tastes especially nice when blended with a bit of cacao powder and maca powder as well, delish!!
Enjoy it on its own, in a smoothie or maybe with a great bowl of raw granola!


What is your favourite kind of nut milk?

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