Its mid March and yet another great festive holiday is upon us!!  Any excuse to celebrate “green” is a good day in our books!!  Green juices and smoothies galore!  It is the perfect day to walk around town with a great big mason jar filled to the brim with nutrient packed and delicious freshly juiced greens.  On any other day we may gather a few stares here and there with our lovely looking green drinks ( though we like to think it’s all in envy!!), today we fit right in!

We love to juice greens and do so just about everyday, but we’d also love to share a fun smoothie recipe with you as well that you can enjoy anytime , and being green of course you can add it to your St. Paddy’s Day fare too! 
It is simple and tasty.
Matcha Mushroom Smoothie
Using your favourite type of homemade nut milk add a tablespoon or 2 of good quality Matcha Green tea powder and a tablespoon of powdered medicinal mushrooms ( chaga, reishi, or the fabulous energy boosting cordyceps) and blend together in your blender along with a little raw vanilla powder and cinnamon.  Once everything is mixed nicely together fill up an ice cube tray or two with your green ice cubes.
The cubes will last in the freezer of course longer than in the fridge and they make for a nice creamy frozen consistency when blended to make a smoothie. As well they are readily available for a few days to come which is always nice.
When you are ready to enjoy your smoothie take a good handful of ice cubes and add to your blender and top it off with a cup of nut milk and blend away.  
The result is a creamy nutty green tea smoothie 🙂 
Green, healthy, and tasty!!
Happy St Patricks Day and enjoy being Green!!!!!!
What sort of “greens” will you be adding to Sundays menu?

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