ImageWith spring around the corner, (well as long as the weather agrees of course) this is a great opportunity to take on a detox/cleanse to get your body rejuvenated and feeling its best.  New seasons or the start of a new year are often easier for people to get started on this type of thing as it is seen as a fresh start or new beginning.  Anytime really is a good time to get your body inline and in tip top shape but for some this just seems to work better.  We like a good cleanse too!!  Even if you are like many and eat a great diet and take good care of yourself you still may find benefits from completing a cleanse.  It is next to impossible to eliminate every and all toxins from entering our bodies no matter how hard we try.  Driving a car, or simply breathing in the outdoor air can mean taking in toxins.  Eating the occasional non organic item isn’t necessarily going to make you sick but the toxic load can add up.  Maybe you still have bad habits you are trying to rid yourself of as well.  Drinking too much caffeine possibly?  Eating mostly raw but often indulging on too many sugary sweets, or possibly overeating?  What ever the reason may be you may just benefit from a cleanse and also be surprised how good you could end up feeling.  Detoxes and cleanses vary greatly, one may be better for you while another works better for someone else.  The idea behind it really is that a good detox will help eliminate the unwanted toxins in our bodies.  This of course can help a person feel and or look better.  General guide lines apply across the board with all styles of cleanses even if they alter in overall application one needs to be sure to be drinking plenty of clean water throughout.  You may choose a detox that allows you to eat, or one where you are only juicing throughout, maybe you will be taking supplements or doing enemas?  Just remember to do your research and seek guidance if needed.  It is normal at the start of a detox to feel a little sluggish, have headaches, skin breakouts etc.  This is our bodies way of riding itself of what it doesn’t want.  Trek through the best you can to reap the benefits that follow 🙂

We have plenty of great resources and supplies in store to help you on your detox journey.
This is a great detoxification chart that provides excellent info and you can take it on the go if needed too!!
Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you need any guidance or ideas.Image

Are you a serial detoxer?  What are some of your tips or experiences?


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