Foods That Fight Inflammation


Inflammation in the body is a huge problem for many people. Inflammation in the body is known to possibly lead to chronic diseases including cancer and heart disease, arthritis, obesity and many more. What we put into our bodies surely plays a huge roll on how our bodies respond, repair, heal as well as degenerate etc. Eating the proper foods can help one combat this common issue. Eating a mostly plant based diet containing plenty of antioxidants can help one fight inflammation. Inflammation on the surface of the body is easy to see, redness, swelling, maybe hot to the touch but its whats under the surface that is of the most concern. When inflammation in the body persists it damages the body and causes illness. Along with improper food choices, stress, lack of exercise and toxin exposure also play a roll in chronic inflammation. Foods that are high in acid, sugars, unhealthy fats etc. can over time be seriously damaging. The thing is there are so many fabulous choices out there to combat these types of inflammation in the body. Great tasting healthy options that often help a person feel better and ultimately heal. 
Here is a huge list of some of our favourite foods that fight inflammation:
Green tea
Flaxseed oil
Macadamia Nuts
On top of our list we must put special focus on Raw Cacao, Turmeric, Ginger, and Coconut Oil.
There are of course plenty more but we wanted you to see the vast array of choices out there for one suffering from inflammation, it doesnt have to stay that way!!
We love to start our day with  a freshly juiced green juice , well mostly green anyway. A great way to combat inflammation is to consume fresh juices. That is fresh vegetables and some fruits freshly juiced and enjoyed. 
Here is a great tasting option that helps fight inflammation that we love
Juice 3 large carrots, a handful of parsley,kale and spinach, half a small cucumber, 1 small apple, a piece of ginger about half an inch. Add to the juice a teaspoon of turmeric powder and enjoy!!!!!

How do you combat inflammation? Have you always been eating so great that it has just never been a problem? Let us know 🙂


Feel Good Foods!!

Most people have heard of serotonin before and it's link to depression.
Well technically a lack of serotonin would be the link!! It is often referred to as the feel good chemical. Serotonin which acts as a neurotransmitter is manufactured in the brain and helps relay messages from one area to another. Some of these areas include mood, appetite, sleep, learning, memory etc. Researchers believe that imbalances of serotonin can lead to depression. Which makes sense if you think about all the areas that it effects. 
People that suffer depression are often prescribed antidepressant medications that are known as SSRI's      ( selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) and SNRI's ( serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors). It is thought that these may help reduce symptoms of depression.
But that can't be all that could possibly work right?? Not everybody has the desire to commit to a regime of pills and ends up looking for other more natural options. Well rest assured they come in the plenty!!
We all know that so many foods can act as a sort of medication as well. Not the kind with side effects of course!! Though something to regulate and balance those specific areas we might need it. Overall a good diet and healthy lifestyle are markers for good health. Going a little further here are a few specific choices that one might choose if they are looking to sort out a possible serotonin imbalance. These foods contain the nutrients that the brain needs to preform at its best :) 
Bananas help raise serotonin, Flax seeds, walnuts and chia seeds which are loaded with omega 3's are great for brain nutrients. Kelp and other sea veggies are great sources of protein, magnesium and omega 3's, all happily welcomed by the brain!!
Foods high in tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin are great as well. Some of these include cashews, sesame seeds, avocado, guava etc. Our number choice for obvious reason would have to be the ever fabulous cacao!! It literally makes opioids that help make us happy :) it also contains so many other amazing nutrients that help us to stay healthy. We can't leave out how darn great it tastes too! A versatile tasty nutrient that is abundant in the "raw" diet and perfect anytime of day :) Yum Yum!!!!!!!! 
Along with these foods and others maintaining daily exercise, meditation, and avoiding sugary, fatty, caffeinated foods is also very wise.
A little vitamin D can go a long way as well, so getting outside is important. ( even if just for minutes at a time)

If you can beat the blues with cacao why the heck not give it a try!!

Have you had positive results combatting depression when choosing food as your medicine?

Happy St. Patricks Day!! Green is Great!


Its mid March and yet another great festive holiday is upon us!!  Any excuse to celebrate “green” is a good day in our books!!  Green juices and smoothies galore!  It is the perfect day to walk around town with a great big mason jar filled to the brim with nutrient packed and delicious freshly juiced greens.  On any other day we may gather a few stares here and there with our lovely looking green drinks ( though we like to think it’s all in envy!!), today we fit right in!

We love to juice greens and do so just about everyday, but we’d also love to share a fun smoothie recipe with you as well that you can enjoy anytime , and being green of course you can add it to your St. Paddy’s Day fare too! 
It is simple and tasty.
Matcha Mushroom Smoothie
Using your favourite type of homemade nut milk add a tablespoon or 2 of good quality Matcha Green tea powder and a tablespoon of powdered medicinal mushrooms ( chaga, reishi, or the fabulous energy boosting cordyceps) and blend together in your blender along with a little raw vanilla powder and cinnamon.  Once everything is mixed nicely together fill up an ice cube tray or two with your green ice cubes.
The cubes will last in the freezer of course longer than in the fridge and they make for a nice creamy frozen consistency when blended to make a smoothie. As well they are readily available for a few days to come which is always nice.
When you are ready to enjoy your smoothie take a good handful of ice cubes and add to your blender and top it off with a cup of nut milk and blend away.  
The result is a creamy nutty green tea smoothie 🙂 
Green, healthy, and tasty!!
Happy St Patricks Day and enjoy being Green!!!!!!
What sort of “greens” will you be adding to Sundays menu?

Spring Cleaning Anyone? :)

ImageWith spring around the corner, (well as long as the weather agrees of course) this is a great opportunity to take on a detox/cleanse to get your body rejuvenated and feeling its best.  New seasons or the start of a new year are often easier for people to get started on this type of thing as it is seen as a fresh start or new beginning.  Anytime really is a good time to get your body inline and in tip top shape but for some this just seems to work better.  We like a good cleanse too!!  Even if you are like many and eat a great diet and take good care of yourself you still may find benefits from completing a cleanse.  It is next to impossible to eliminate every and all toxins from entering our bodies no matter how hard we try.  Driving a car, or simply breathing in the outdoor air can mean taking in toxins.  Eating the occasional non organic item isn’t necessarily going to make you sick but the toxic load can add up.  Maybe you still have bad habits you are trying to rid yourself of as well.  Drinking too much caffeine possibly?  Eating mostly raw but often indulging on too many sugary sweets, or possibly overeating?  What ever the reason may be you may just benefit from a cleanse and also be surprised how good you could end up feeling.  Detoxes and cleanses vary greatly, one may be better for you while another works better for someone else.  The idea behind it really is that a good detox will help eliminate the unwanted toxins in our bodies.  This of course can help a person feel and or look better.  General guide lines apply across the board with all styles of cleanses even if they alter in overall application one needs to be sure to be drinking plenty of clean water throughout.  You may choose a detox that allows you to eat, or one where you are only juicing throughout, maybe you will be taking supplements or doing enemas?  Just remember to do your research and seek guidance if needed.  It is normal at the start of a detox to feel a little sluggish, have headaches, skin breakouts etc.  This is our bodies way of riding itself of what it doesn’t want.  Trek through the best you can to reap the benefits that follow 🙂

We have plenty of great resources and supplies in store to help you on your detox journey.
This is a great detoxification chart that provides excellent info and you can take it on the go if needed too!!
Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you need any guidance or ideas.Image

Are you a serial detoxer?  What are some of your tips or experiences?