Adding Flax seeds to ones diet can have amazing results. These tiny seeds are quite the mighty ones as they carry one of the biggest nutrient contents on the planet. Packed with fibre, antioxidants and the ever awesome omega 3 fatty acids these babies are a must!!
Omega 3 fatty acids are a major player in the fight against inflammation, and inflammation as we know plays a large part in many chronic diseases. Flax seed oil is a fabulous source of omega 3’s and it can be so easily enjoyed. Added to salad dressings, taken in smoothies, used in various raw cracker and bread recipes. So many tasty options to give your body the flax seed benefit!!
Not many foods are higher in fibre than flax seed, both soluble and insoluble. This fibre is great for lowering cholesterol, stabalizing blood sugar and helping balance our digestive systems ( always a plus!!)

Flax Seeds are also fabulous in providing great doses of phytochemicals. Antioxidants being one of them. Lignans being another and with this comes great benefits for women as these lignans convert in the intestines to substances that tend to help balance female hormones. Possibly promoting fertility and maybe even helping in the prevention of breast cancer. Some great reasons to add this baby seed to ones diet 🙂
Because of the high fibre content in these little seeds remember to start slowly with a smaller amount and ease into it to avoid any stomach upset from the fibre content. 
The other thing to keep an eye on with flax seed is that it is very prone to oxidation/rancidity if it is not stored properly. This is because it is a highly unsaturated oil. Flax seeds can be kept for longer than flax meals and oils and is ok kept out of the fridge but for the oils and flax meals its best to keep refrigerated. So with proper storage this amazing tiny seed really is a must. So many great ways to use it in a Raw/Vegan diet. 
We have an abundance of flax products in store, including already made crackers and snacks!! Yum! :

What are your favourite ways to incorporate Flax into your diet? Do you have other ways that you like to get your omega 3’s as well?Image

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