Well just like that its nearly the second week of February already, hope everyone is making the most of every single day 🙂
It’s not hard to go anywhere this time of year and not be reminded of the holiday approaching next week.  Stores are jammed packed with everything red and pink and of course the usual suspects, chocolate and candy!!  Yes it is fun to give and receive gifts but instead of handing your loved ones sugar filled, processed and unhealthy gifties this year shouldn’t we be thinking about options to keep each other healthy?
We have plenty of choices in store this time of year and all year long that can satisfy a sweet tooth but that are at the same time guilt free and nutritionally packed.  We thought we would share a few ideas with all of you and who knows maybe you will end up dropping a few hints to your loved ones and you will end up on the receiving end, or better yet why not brighten up someones day a go ahead and grab a few!!

First of all you can’t go wrong here, we are offering a great deal on a Sacred Hearts Chocolate bundle.  6 awesome bars for a great price.  The immuno Mushroom flavour is great, healthy, immune supportive and tasty!!

We really love the  ” Goji- Nibby” Sacred Heart Chocolate bar, heart shaped and good for the heart!!
Why not give the gift that keeps on giving, an awesome Raw Chocolate lovers “uncook” book!!  Matthew Kenney and Meredith Baird are clever, creative and super talented.  This book is amazing :
Aromatherapy is great for mind and body.  How about a soothing massage or a detoxifying bath? We have just what you need :
Phyto-Infusion is a fabulous product an Ormus Gold activated serum that takes Raw, Vegan skincare to the next level.  Great gift idea!! :
We can’t forget the jewelry!!  We have some great Mineral Technology Pendants which can provide, strength, energy , balance and so much more while looking great too!! :
What ever you choose to share this year whether it be chocolate, jewelry etc.  lets all remember the most important thing we give one another is LOVE!!!!!!!!
Happy Valentines Day!! 🙂 🙂

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